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The gang came back to the spirt house for another visit. Murdoc rings the doorbell. *DING* "Ah, that classic loud ding that doorbells makes" Murdoc said. The door creaks open. They walk in and look around. "This place hasn't changed since the last time we've been here." Russel said. "I'm just going to take a bath, that was the best bath I've ever had." Murdoc said. "Ok, I'm just gonna take a nap on the couch" Russel said. "I'm just gwonna get me sum food. I'm very hungry." 2D said. Noodle goes upstairs and goes to the bedroom and sits on the bed twiddling her thumbs. While 2D is looking for food, he heard noodle go upstairs. "Ya know I'm just not that hungry right now." 2D says to himself. He goes upstairs with noodle and sits on the bed with her. 2D pats noodle's back."Whatcha doin alone up here luv?" 2D asks trying to slowly pull off noodle's blue fur jacket. "It's pwetty hot in here, yew should take off your jacket." 2D said. "No, I'm fine 2D." Noodle said. "Are yew sure? Swometimes I worry bout yew." 2D said as his face turns red and he smiles.  "Ok fine, I'll take it off if you're that worried about me." Noodle said. Under her jacket was a short, black velvet crop top.

"Yew actually look beautiful witout the jacket

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"Yew actually look beautiful witout the jacket." 2D said as he blushed even more.

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