Chapter Thirty Nine.

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Dalton's eyes glass over black, his fists clenched at his sides. "What has she done?" He growls, the pure rage and power rolling off of him. If it weren't such a bad moment I'd be extremely attracted to his strength right now.

Instead I'm stuck on thinking what Eyan could possibly have to do with me. She doesn't know anything about me. Could she really be that upset that Dalton is with me now? Just thinking it I know it's possible. I'm a pretty easy going person but the thought of Dalton leaving to be with someone else immediately lights a fire in my chest. We might've just poked a bear with her. I'm even the one who outed her cheating ways. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Tiwen shifts uncomfortably, and sighs. "She's all over the media outlets. She's suggesting that you are some type of tyrant. She claims that you and Dalton have been conspiring to steal the throne for a long time and that you ruling would be the worst thing." His discomfort seems to grow as he speaks. "She...she says that you are the evil that you warn the people of. She says you, well, that you have been raised harshly and that you enjoy drinking from humans even now as a human. She says you and Dalton kill as a sport together. She even has records of killed blood slaves that were in Sir Dalton's care."

"What records?" My father snaps, suddenly coming between Dalton and me. Dalton looks shocked by the fear and anger in my father's eyes.

"Sir, it isn't what you think-" Dalton tried to speak.

"Wait," Tiwen cuts him off. "There is merit to her claim?" His eyes widen and looks between the two of us like we are scum.

"No!" I scream. "She's trying to tear us apart. Someone has clearly gotten to her and is guiding her in what to say in order to eat away at us from the inside." I rub my eyes with my hands, stress and exhaustion getting to me. "So long as we are having to rebut all these lies we can't focus on the real threat and that is their plan. They don't want us to be successful. They'll throw whatever they've got at us."

"Rose is right, we can't let the lies distract us from our goal." Dalton agrees.

I try to step towards him but Dad holds me firm with one hand on my shoulder while looking at Dalton. "If there is truth to what she said about you, I want to hear it now. I won't let my daughter be mixed up with someone who-"

"Dad, stop it! It isn't like that!"

He rounds on me now, his eyes boring into mine. "You knew of his record?" He demands, disbelief in his voice.

I jerk out of his grip. "You see!" I yell. "You're letting them win! You're letting them divide us. You won't even give him a chance to explain."

"There is no explaining blood slaves going missing in his care! Do you enjoy killing?" He fires at Dalton.

I've seen Dalton angry, but right now he looks hurt. Cut deep like I've never seen. "No Sir." He grits out. "I've never killed a single human."

"Then explain the report!"

Mom tries to put a soothing hand on dad's shoulders but he doesn't even flinch at the contact. He's still seething.

"I...." Dalton looks to me desperately. He knows he could be killed for what he's done. I nod to him once, trying to promise him with my eyes that I'll protect him. "I don't even use them for blood. I took them and offered them a chance. The ones who accepted, I helped free."

Heavy silence falls.

No one speaks for what feels like ages, but then Dad shakes his head. "Do you realize how many laws that breaks? I understand the need to help, but what you did could have resulted in your execution or humans discovering us all."

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