Chapter 05: Go to the Next Level

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The day after "that day", I was going along with my usual routine and took the bus to the work. After entering the company I walked forward to the elevator for the employees, from afar I saw a tall figure standing near the elevator.

I was shocked and did not dare to go over there.

Could it be that the private elevator is broken again?

I swallowed my saliva and slowly dragged my feet over. I ended up standing right next to the president.

I stayed calm on the surface, but inside my heart was beating like drums and gongs [1] causing the sky and the earth to turn upside down [2]. I secretly stole a glance at the president's profound sideways profile, as a result my face got slightly red.

"Are you feeling better?"

I turned my head in shock, the president didn't look back at me. Instead he was looking at the floor number.

"Reporting to president, I'm feeling much better thanks to the president's blessing, I feel completely well now."

"Really? That's good."

Standing next to him, I almost got moved to tears.

Actually, he still remembers me.

"Uh, president, is the private elevator broken again?" I quickly asked.

The president shook his head and did not answer, only said: "Elevator is here."

Such a president level, his aura as expected is indeed formidable.

The colleagues in the elevator also put on a vigorous and vital energy, they completely got rid of their usual tired and exhausted energy.

Everybody smiled and greeted the president, he only nodded in response.

The elevator was a bit crowded so I was standing very close to him, it was as if I could feel his body temperature spreading to me. I was thanking the Heavens in my heart for letting me profit from this.

I wish the elevator could move a bit slower, but according to Einstein's theory of a beauty and a stove[3], no matter how slow the elevator goes, I will always think it's not slow enough.

I reluctantly exited the elevator, through the gradually closing doors I looked at the president, as if indicating that I'm leaving now.

However, strange things that happen once a year, looks like it happens quite often this year[4].

When I once again saw the president in the company cafeteria, I could not help but run to the window and stick my head out. Is the sun rising in the West today?

A colleague gave me a look full of disdain: "Yesterday the president also came here, at noon he wandered around and then left."

But today, he stayed to eat in the cafeteria.

That beautiful secretary lady was sitting in front of him, after looking at the two of them you couldn't help but notice that they make up a picturesque couple.

"Why are they eating in the employee cafeteria? I feel like the president is a duck who fell into the chicken coop." The colleagues from earlier said this, which caused me to spit out my food.

"A swan! It's a swan, all right?" I used my chopsticks to tap on his bowl.

He rolled his eyes, "Both belong to the bird family anyway."

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