Black Hat x Reader (LEMON)

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"I guess this is it? Is this the correct place? Looks...pretty dark. It's pretty funny too because the building is shaped as a hat." You glance back at the address on the flyer. It really says the correct address for the job.

You sigh "if it says on the flyer, then I'll assume it is the right location." You weren't too sure if it was really a place to work in. But hey, can't judge the building and location. Probably the inside is neat.

You folded the flyer and stick it in your pocket. You approach to the front door and suddenly missiles, bombs, lasers appear. You flinched and shook "Probably not the right location! S-stupid me! Got to get o-out of here--"

"W-Who goes there?!" A voice stands out. You try to look around, where that voice was coming from. Your eyes land on a science boy, who's head was sticking out of the scarlet colored window.

You shook even more and fish out the flyer from your flyer "I-I'm here to apply a job! Is this the right place?!" The boy nods "Yes! You're in the right place. Sorry about these! My boss wanted me to invent this for his advertisement and business."

Then all of the harm objects are put away and he opens the door for you "he also doesn't want any people trespassing here. But since you wanted a job, that's different. Come on in!" Your lips curl into a smile and walked inside.

And you were right! The inside of the house...or hat--or hey, it's a mansion too. Very nice and detailed. Like one of those horror movies, there's sometimes a mansion that takes place in. Kinda a spooky feeling that goes does your spine. But cool at the same time.

"My name is Dr. Flug! You'll probably meet the others soon. But I can introduce you to my boss." You nodded, feeling a bit nervous "Okay! My name is y/n. Nice to meet you." You held out your hand and he shook it.

His goggles lit up and smiles "Nice to meet you too! Now, let me lead the way to his office." You nodded and follow. The mansion inside got even prettier when you look around. Lots of frames, statues and more.

Finally you guys got there and Dr Flug stops "Okay, this is it! Let me a kind gentleman and let me knock on the door for you." You giggle and blush a little "gee, thanks!" He knocks the door and no one replies. Flug  raised a brow and knocked again.

"Sir! It's me Dr Flug. May I come in?" Still no answer "Fine sir, I will just come in!" He turns the door knob and opens the door. There, you saw his office. More frames and a camera in a corner. You assumed that's how he advertises his stuff.

Behind the desk, you saw a figure with a top hat, who's sleeping on the table. With his arms crossed and his face against them "hm, seems like he's sleeping at the moment. Sorry about that. Maybe he's tired or...something."

Dr Flug points at a chair "You may sit there. While I try to wake up my boss." You nod and plop down on the seat. You watch Dr Flug shake him awake "Psst, Sir. Pssssstt. Wake up please." He groans loudly and shot his head up

"IM TRYING TO SLEEP HERE FLUG?! NOW LEAVE ME ALONE--" "Sir! Before you start having a tantrum again, I just want you to meet y/n! She wants to work here!" He looks across from you and you flinch a little.

His eyes looked sharp, including his teeth. Dark black rings in the bottom of his eyes and a fitting suit. Overall, he didn't look like a human. You wondered what he is "hm...a human. Meh good enough I guess."

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