“Do you love me, Vashti?” Aaron asked in her ear. 

“Yes, Aaron, with all my might.” Vashti answered pressing her lips to his cheek. She shuddered at the memory of what had just happened.

“That’s exactly what I want to hear.”He groaned and let himself fall to her side after the experience of such exquisite pleasure. After catching his breath he moved her closer to him and looks down towards her and says to her, “Oh, my dear, I will never tire of you.” 

Vashti looked up at him and gently began to trace the tattoo on his chest. “Neither will I Aaron.”

Aaron abruptly stood up and looked down at Vashti, who looked up at him, surprise filling her green eyes. “That’s why we are meant to be together forever.” He exclaimed.

Vashti gave Aaron a knowing look, and standing up to join him, she sadly said to him, “But you know we cannot be together because we come from different families.”

“Nonsense! We can change that and we will.” he growled.

“What do you mean my love?” asked Vashti getting closer to him.

“Just think about it my sweet! You and I ruling all of Zaria.” he said pulling her into his arms.

She looked up at him confused, “Whatever are you speaking of?” 

He smiled and whispered in her ear, “We can kill them all.”

She shivered, not in pleasure but in fear, “How can you say such a thing?" 

Aaron’s smile grew and said to her, “I have thought of this all my life. It is my dream to rule all of Zaria and have the ultimate power”

Vashti pulled away from him, “By killing them you will achieve nothing. You will only be prosecuted.”

Aaron chuckled, his green eyes shimmered. “Then I will kill those who stand in my way.”

“What about my people?” she asked softly.

Aaron walked and sat down on the edge of the bed. He extended his hand, offering her a seat on his lap. Vashti did not move towards his awaiting arms. He got up and walked towards her, she could see his eyes darkening with anger. “That is how you will show me you love me, bu sacrificing your people.”

Vashti felt her own blood begin to boil, “What if I love those people more than I love you?” She knew that she would always pick them before Aaron. Her father, the king, had always taught her that way.

She was so enthralled in her thoughts that she didn’t see Aaron come at her. He pushed her hard against the wall. He pinned her against the wall with his body, his face leveled to hers. “You don’t mean that!” he growled at her.

Vashti was in pain, his body pressed to hard against hers she could barely breath. He continued, “I know perfectly well how you feel about me, and trust me you will do anything for me.” He kissed her forcefully in order to prove his point.

She took that opportunity so she could move a little to catch her breath. “I will not help you, even if it means loosing you.”

Aaron let out a frustrating groan and let go of  Vashti. Red spheres appeared around him, and suddenly they were destroying everything in sight. He looked at Vashti and spoke to her. “All the love you said you had for me, now I know it was a lie. If you are not going to help me then I will make sure you are not an obstacle for me.”

Vashti looked at him and so many emotions passed through her, pain, anger, love, sadness. How could he do this to her. Tears began to pour down her face, “Then you are going to kill me?” her voice cracked when she said those words.

He looked at her sadly, “If that is what it takes,”he looked at her as she began to sob. “then I will do it.”

Vashti gave him a hate filled look and said an enchantment and disappeared from the room.

“Bitch!”he went and grabbed a bottle of wine and began to drink it. He finished and got up. “I don’t need her.” and with that he threw the bottle into the fire.

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