I groaned as I woke up. My vision was very blurry and I woke up in some abandoned room. I knew that it was going to be far away, so I didn't bother banging on the door for help or Jerry would actually kill me. "Katie! Katie!" I heard someone hiss out. It almost sounded like...


"Charley." I said. "You alright?" he asked. "Yeah." I replied back. "I'm gonna get you out." he said. "Hurry. He'll be..." I started but I didn't get to finish as I looked down to see that the floor wasn't there anymore. I screamed as I falling down. It was a while before I hit my back against the cold, hard ground.

3rd POV:

As soon as Charley busted into the room that Katie was being held captive in behind Jerry's closet, he now realized that she wasn't there. As Charley was looking for Katie again, he ran into Peter Vincent.

Why is he here? Charley didn't know. And besides, didn't he bail on him moments ago? "I guess I didn't want to become a man like me either." Peter said after he apologized a few times as he opens up his jacket to reveal ammo and weaponry. "Let's kill something." Peter said.

Charley lead Peter to the room that Katie was held captive in. "Floor trap. Use them all the time." Peter states. "What do you think is down there?" Charley asked. "There's only one way to find out." Peter said.

As Peter and Charley were making their way down, Katie was lying unconscious in Jerry's arms. Jerry connected his lips to her's for a couple of moments and Katie gasped out, being awake. When she saw Jerry, her eyes had contorted into...adoration? They kissed again, even more passionate than the last one. When Jerry heard something from upstairs, he took Katie into a different room within the place that is supposed to be his basement.

Peter had just dropped down to the lower level and Charley followed him suit. They both got up and realize where they are. "Oh, shit. I may not be drunk enough for this." Peter said. They silently creep up into the room that was in the basement. "Help!" both of them heard, faintly. "You know this is a trap, right?" Peter whispered to Charley. "I'm counting on it." he simply replied back as they ventured further in. They come across a door that was partially open. Peter and Charley entered in and all they saw was darkness. Charley has his stake at the ready as Peter didn't know that Jerry was hanging upside down.

Jerry grabbed Peter by the back of the collar of his jacket and used his vampire strength to fling him backwards. "Ah, fuck!" Peter exclaimed as he was thrown out of the dark room. Charley turned around to find Jerry and he dropped the stake when he turned to face him. He shot the crossbow and Jerry had caught the arrow and broke it.

This is when Charley knew that he fucked up.

"She's all yours." Jerry simply said as he shut the door.

Charley's POV:

I had heard groaning from behind me and when I turned around, I saw Katie starting to get up. When Katie got up, she looked at me with wide eyes. "Katie." I breathed out as we hugged each other. "You know you should've saved me, Charley." Katie said. "There's still time. All right?" I said, trying to reassure her. "He's inside me now." she said and that's when I felt it on my ear.


I was shoved onto the ground and she got on top of me with her hand around my throat. "You should give up Charley. Join us. It'll take the stress and worry away from you. We can finally be together again. As brother and sister." Katie was saying as she was going to full vampire form. As she was looking away, I reached for the stake. As she was now leaning down to bite me, I stabbed her, purposefully missing the heart, and she let out an animalistic screech and got off of me.

I got to the door and I pried it open. I looked back at Katie and she smeared her own blood against her mouth. "You missed." she said with an eerie smirk. "I know." I said as I got out of the room that Katie was in. I ran out and I saw a bunch of vampires on top of Peter. I dropped my crossbow and grabbed the shotgun. I shot the floor above me and a beam of sunlight came in. I shot it again and it hits several of the vampires. I went over by Peter and I could feel the shotgun pulled out of my hands. "How're you feeling?" I asked him. "Fucking great." Peter groaned out. I looked up and I couldn't believe who was changed into a vampire.

It was Mark.

"Mark?" I asked in disbelief. "You're dead now, asshole." Mark hissed. "What were you thinking, Charley? That you were just gonna walk in here with your little crossbow and put to bed 400 years of survival. No, Charley. Not likely." Jerry said as he was walking towards us. "You smell that? That's your fear. It's intoxicating." Jerry continued, leaning away from the sunlight. "It's a very specific scent, Charley." Jerry continued as he finally made over by us and crouched down to me. He put a fingernail into the beam of sunlight and he blew out the fire that was ignited on it.

"Katie's scent, now that was exquisite. It's all gone now, Charley." Jerry said, torturing me, verbally, with what he had done to my sister. We both looked up and saw Katie sauntering her way towards us and giggling, insanely. "She's something, isn't she? I have to thank you for bringing her to me. Well, she makes me feel young again." Jerry continued on. "I'm smoking." Peter said. "Yeah, you're turning." Jerry says, coldly, as he got up and was going near my sister, who was stepping closer to him.

"You can't stay here forever, Charley. The sun's gotta go down, but we can wait." Jerry said as he proceeded to make out, roughly, with my sister. Right in front of me. I could feel the bile rising up to my throat. "That's rough." I heard Peter say as Jerry slits his chest and Katie started attacking the blood that was dripping off of it. After a few moments, Jerry brought her face out of his chest and he kissed her roughly and they were going away from the sunlight.

"You got a light?" I asked, pulling up my ski mask and as Peter lights up a cigarette. "That's your plan?" he asked me in disbelief. "Actually, it's your plan." I countered as I put on the goggles. "Fuck." Peter whispered as he lights me on fire. I lunged over at Jerry, who had been roughly making out with Katie, and I got him off of her. We had tousled around for a few moments until he had used his levitation to break the ceiling above and sunlight came pouring in. I was about to put Jerry in the way of the sunlight until I heard a scream.


I looked up and I saw Katie coming towards us, dodging the sunlight with her vamp speed, pulled Jerry from under me and running right back to where they used to be. "We can get away. Leave Clark County. And never look back." she was saying. My heart broke when she said that.

I was going to lose my sister forever.

"Let Charley and Peter kill the rest and we can leave right away." I said and he smirked at that idea. "Katie, this stake...it will..." I started but what she said left me startled. "I love him!" she exclaimed. My eyes widened at her confession.

"I-I love him and the only way he would back off of you guys is if I go with him. Run away and never look back." she said. "W-What about mom? W-What about Amy?" I asked. "Tell mom that I already graduated early and that I am off to go to university. You can only tell Amy the truth, but she cannot tell mom." she said. Tears were now streaming down my face as she choked back a sob. "I'm gonna miss you, Char." she sobbed out as she kissed the top of my head and we hugged for what may be the last time. "Katie. It's time to go." Jerry said.

"Goodbye, Charley." she whispered and in a blink of an eye, she's now gone with Jerry.


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