34 - The Perks of Womanhood

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That stupid, stupid man!

That handsome, hard man with captivating green eyes, gentle hands, and—

Stop it, Fye! she berated herself as she sat on the floor just outside their room.

Where had he gotten it into his head that he could... that he could do that?!

Then again, what had he really done? He had brushed her hair. Then, in a moment of insanity, Fye had leaned back against him, which made his body do certain... things. Then he was giving her the look, the one that terrified her even more than it drew her, the look that spoke of the desires that men had for women.

"Miss Fye?" a mild voice asked above her. "Is something wrong?"

She looked up at Sir Gregor, who regarded her with round eyes. Oh, right. The nightgown. Well, some men might consider it less scandalous attire than her normal trousers and tunic. "Not at all, Sir Gregor," she said as she popped to her feet. "And, it's Dame Fye, in case you forgot. Or Sir Fye. Or just Fye."

"Forgive me, Dame Fye. I meant no insult." He cleared his throat. "Have a pleasant night."

"Wait, Sir Gregor, can I ask you something? Normally, I would ask Sir Reuben this sort of thing, but I'm afraid that his answer might not be from the perspective of a normal man."

"Sir Reuben is far from normal."

"So you understand. Um... if your wife refused to do certain things with you, how would you react?"

"Certain things?"

Fye wanted to slam her head against a wall. She had been much more comfortable talking about sex before she got married. Before, it had been something to tease about and make fun of, but now... now Fye had a serious case of Blushing Prude syndrome.

"In the bedroom," Fye said. "If she refused, what would you do? Would you get angry? Would you find another woman to satisfy you?"

Sir Gregor looked like he would rather be cleaning a latrine with his tongue than having this conversation. "I would try to find out the reasons behind her reluctance. I believe that would determine my ultimate reaction. But I would never seek out another woman. I took a vow to my wife."

"But some men in that situation might find another woman?"

"I suppose so, yes, particularly if the wife also refused to be affectionate in other ways."

"Hmm. Thank you, Sir Gregor."

"Indeed, Dame Fye. Excuse me." He hurried away as if Fye were chasing him with a bucket of hot coals.

Biting her lip, Fye looked back at the bedroom door. Her mother had said that men needed certain activities to be satisfied. It made them feel powerful. Women could enjoy it, too. Fye had gotten a taste of that.

How long would Xander wait before he got so frustrated that he abandoned her? Was she making him feel powerless, somehow not good enough?

But he was the one who agreed to marry her, and he had done it knowing full well that Fye never wanted to do that. She would stay a virgin until Christ's second coming.

Then again...

Fye opened the bedroom door. Xander lay on his back on the bed, his eyes on nothing in particular.

She stood there, pondering her options. She could apologize for hitting him, but he had deserved it after his little speech about chastity! She could kiss him all over and forget about her fears for the evening; not being afraid was the knightly thing to do, after all. Or she could change back into regular clothes and go find something to violently assault as she worked out her frustrations.

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