Questions that Haunt me at night

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Questions that Haunt Me at NIght

If your half cat & half man, would you be called cat-man or man-cat?

Does God have a dick if he created us in the shape of him? If he does why does he have one?

If you die on the toilet, will you haunt it?

Can I make up my own word like, tacosaurus, which means a giant taco?

How did people make words? Did they just randomly say something and say hey I want that to mean something?

Did Cave-women walk around with their period going down their legs?

Is the moon made of cheese?

Why is it that the first phrase in spanish that i learned was "chinga tu madre", which means fuck your mom?

Did somebody just scream and say,"I like the way that sounds." and just because they were a man they added a "o" to the end to create the word screamo to make it masculine? (you must know the basics of spanish to understand this ?)

Why can't unicorns and pandas dominate the world?

Why do teachers give homework?

How was the word "fuck" created?

Are these my real parents???

Is this really earth, because we could be living on mars w/o even knowing it?

How come people don't find pleasure in the bellybutton? We should make the bellybutton the pleasure ponint.

Why is ice cream so delicious?

Why am i attractive to mustaches?

 Why is it that so many emos are so similar?

Why is it that gays always dress so nice? >cough< adam lambert

Why can't we celebrate halloween on christmas and christmas on halloween?

When will these psycho people realize that nobody can predict when the world will end only god knows?

What is my cat trying to say to me when she says meow? Does it mean Fuck you, why did i get my tubes tied, or i want fish tacos, give me chocolate? the world will never know, One meow can mean so much.

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