Were Heading to the concert  in out bus the boys singing Moments as loud as possible I can't wait to get back on tour  i thought paul is laughing so loud and Harry scream "IF WE COULD ONLY TURN BACK TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMEEEEE" yells Harry were all laughing so hard "Nialler, Babe can u get me a glass of Coke?" I ask "Fine" says Niall as he heads to the back of the Tour bus CRASH  a massive RV smashed into the back right where Niall was "NIALL" i scream Louis was jerked and hit his head on the table so hard he's knocked unchoncious his head is slightly bleeding "NIALL" i scream again "ARE YOU OKAY" I look around every one is stoped in shock i hear sirens   seems like Paul called 911 Harry is at Louis side and Zayn is sitting there in the seat shocked i Run outside of the bus and see Nialls Motionless body laying on the street he has glass all through out his body his head is violently bleeding. I look around i feel dizzy The Onsite Parmedics Lift his body on a strecher i look over to my right and Lou is on a streacher his head is dripping with blood and it looks like his eyes are bruised. 

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