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Not long after the introductions, Amanda had gone to meet a few old friends and some family members, as she told me to wait for her, which I was doing at the moment, standing on my own however was not a comfortable feeling. I tucked a strand behind my ear and started walking aimlessly.

I walked around the hall, listening to a few conversations as I sauntered passed a few groups of people, quite slowly.

"Did you see how he looked at him?" One woman spoke.

"I know, rather unfortunate, cannot believe what he put his father through."

I narrowed my eyes, were they talking about Darius? I took a wine glass from one of the waiters and pretended to be in my own thoughts, all the while trying to pry my ears to the gossiping gang. Unfortunately for us all, we were called by a large bell that rang from the centre of the room.

It was Darius' father.

I blinked and tread softly, not wanting my heels to click away and got closer to the commotion.

"Welcome everyone!" He flung his hands theatrically and trailed his gaze towards the crowd. "Welcome to the annual Fontaine ball, in name of my father William Fontaine, I Leonard Fontaine greet you all to our home and to this lovely occasion." His voice boomed and echoed throughout the hall, causing people to stare in awe, captivated by the man in the middle.

He clapped his gloved hands, "please let me introduce you to my family. My lovely wife, Alayna, my daughter Amanda and my son . . . "

Was he going to do it? I placed my hand on my chest, trying to quieten my heartbeat.

"Allow me to introduce my son, Xavier Elray." He proclaimed.

I looked around, my eyes darting to and fro as they frantically searched for those hazel eyes. Yet he was not in sight and instead, my eyes laid upon those that stared back at me, they rounded as they smiled at my appearance.

"Thank you father, please that is enough." Xavier motioned for everyone to stop clapping. "Thank you all for coming to our family's greatest accomplishment and occasion, we are all glad to have you here." His eyes glanced momentarily at mine, as he continued to talk. "I hope that you enjoy the rest of your time and may we raise as much money as we can for all those that are in need.

Now before we begin the event, this Gala could not go forth without the help of my brother and the CEO of the Fontaine Industries, Darius Fontaine."

It was then did I catch my own breath, he was there all along, yet his usual arrogant and proud demeanour was nowhere to be found. Was it because of his father? After all he was humiliated in front of all those people and as the eldest, he has more right over the others.

He took his hands out of his pockets and made his way to the centre, walking passed his father. The crowd was now silent, though the hissing of whispers was audible.

"Thank you," Darius almost gritted between his teeth, but instead showed a smile that never reached his eyes to his brother and then turned back to us all. I took a step back, now standing behind a few people, though he was still visible.

His hair was neatly combed to the side, as I noticed him more clearly than the morning. He had quite a classic feel to him, almost like a Gregory Peck style going on, though younger looking. His chest elevated as he began to talk.

"Welcome to our annual ball, as always we at Fontaine Industries care for all those that need our help, whether it is in the company or outside, the community or nationwide. I hope for your generosity so that we can tackle the social issues that crumble our families, businesses and livelihood in order to make a better future for everyone. Thank you and please, do carry on with the event."

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