Chapter 8

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[Add's POV]

After we were sucked in the portal we were dropped to my  lab at Velder. I forgot that they already rebuilt it shortly after Eve trashed it. 

"Hey guys wake up"

No response....well that Ain hurts a lot too maybe I should let them rest.As I was heading for the refrigerator I heard something then I checked the search party then I saw another portal but a small one that a person couldn't fit in it and from it a mask fell down. It looked like Glave's mask but why'd he give it up? and then a portal appeared at the back of me and I wondered why I was the only one being pulled then I noticed everyone has a separate portal sucking them in.

I found myself yet again in Henir's time and space but in this room there was two other portals and each portal dropped another person one has a spiky hair style and another one was wearing a lab coat with a ponytail. My dimention doubles

"Why the heck did Glave call me?"-LP

"Watch your foot idiot....wait why do you look like me?"-MM

"Same question here Mr.Pontyail"-LP

"Hmph muscle head"-MM

"Why you!"-LP

"Ugh stop it Add's"-DiE

"Why do you look like us as well?"-LP

"Glave explained it to me but first listen"-MM

"After me with the lab coat spoke we kept quiet and listened but I never thought that him saying we had dimention doubles was true.....ever since Ain..."-MM



"The first 3 Ain's met before us and it didn't end well...."-MM

"What do you mean?"-DiE

After Ain was mentioned spiky-dude was silent and kept looking down with anger in his face 

"I think he should explain it because his dimention's Ain got the worst of it"-MM

"Our Ain was killed by the one that's attempting to destroy everything"-LP

"Hold on you mean the 3 Ain's fought and your's died but what happened to our Ain?-DiE

"Call it a hunch but he's still partially alive"-MM


"I monitor Henir's time and space regularly with Glave and I know that there were 3 dimentions I just didn't believe it but I found their Ain's body pierced at the chest and looks like he was hit by a very powerful attack"-MM

"And ours?"-DiE

"His body was nowhere to be seen but his presence remains in the Henir's time and space for some reason"-MM

"Ugh shut it with the details how do we get out of here?"-LP

"Either Glave breaks us out or he does"-MM

"Me? how? I couldn't even stop the portal that brought us here"-DiE

"Wait isn't that Glaive's mask?!"-LP

"Why do you have that?!"-MM

"I don't know.......I think he gave it to me"-DiE

"Then you might be the next one..."-MM

"Next what"-DiE

"The next Glave....."-MM

Me and the spike-dude laughed really hard

"He is the administrator of Henir's Time and Space....I may have power to manipulate time and distort space but not as powerful as him."-DiE

"I may look like just a scientist but sometimes I get bored on researching Nasod's all the time so I researched about Glave and he's not what he seems to look like."

Me and the spike-dude didn't interrupt because we really knew nothing about Glave judging from his appearance this spike-dude just research the Nasod Armor

"His name isn't Glave but Luto and the one known as Glave is that mask itself"-MM

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