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It was a rainy morning, and 16 year old Alaina was having a terrible nightmare. In the nightmare she was running through
a forest, it was storming, and she began to see a hill. This was no ordinary hill, for it had an almost, glowing outline. At the top, was a boy around 5'8 with long, slick, brown hair. He held out his hand for Alaina, and once she grasped his strong hand and was pulled halfway up the 10 foot glowing, steep, hill, he let go, and began to cry. Alaina woke up.

"Honey, it's time to get up, school's in an hour", she heard her mother call. Alaina began to walk down the stairs, only wearing a long green tee, and a blanket covering her legs. She did this every morning. She got her favorite cereal, fruity pebbles, and began to eat. "So I heard there's a new boy in your class", her mother said. "He was held back, I'm pretty sure", Alaina's step father Rob faintly mumbled. Alaina was intrigued, for there was hardly ever new people coming in the middle of the year. Later, the bus arrived, and as Alaina quickly ran inside, she glanced around and saw nobody new. She usually sat next to her best friend Julia, but she of course was absent. The ride was bumpy, and all Alaina could focus on was the hard rain, tapping furiously on the outside of the window frame. In the reflection, she saw him. It was the boy in her dream. He was the new kid.

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