21. London Apartment

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It was over.

                That was all I could think about. I could only think about it during the long flight, during the long ride in the car, and now, as I stood in front of my house, it was all I could think of. The tour was over after another two months had passed and I definitely knew that this round of goodbyes would be dreadful. Here I was standing in front of my house in America — a complete different country than where the boys lived.

                The boys followed me back to America because they had a few more CD signings and talk shows before they were leaving, but for right now, this would be the last time they're here near my hometown until their 2013 World Tour. I took a deep breath as I hugged each boy, hearing in satisfaction and approval that they would miss me but we would still see each other soon. By the time it was time for my goodbye I had already been in tears — they leaked out after my first goodbye hug with Liam.

                "I don't want you to leave," I whispered, wiping at my eyes and cheeks furiously so I could see Zayn for the last time in who knows how long.

                Zayn pulled me into his arms immediately. "I don't want to leave."

                Taking a deep breath, I begged, "Please don't wait too long until you come and see me, okay? I seriously don't want to wait four years."

                "Four hours is going to be too long," Zayn murmured. "I love you."

                "I love you, too." I promised.

                "If you ever want to move to London, love, I'll be waiting."

                "I'll think about it," I said with a gentle smile.

                I knew it was ending officially as he pulled away and flashed me that million dollar smile that sent so many girls into a heart attack when they spotted it. I smiled weakly back as he gave me one last kiss before he followed the boys towards the car they had driven in. My hand barely lifted itself to wave at the five boys that left such an impact on my life as they smiled back at me.

                As they drove away, I couldn't find it in me to be hurt. Who would be hurt after they just got the chance of a lifetime — meet and tour and fall in love with One Direction? So, when the car was out of sight, I sucked in a deep breath and turned around to face my house with bags on either side of me. I smiled a real smile — even if my life sucked here, I was home, and this time I hadn't run back to it.

                "Hello?" I called as soon as I opened the front door, pushing my bags inside.

                I was then greeted by a very angry looking step mom and a trying-to-be-strict father. "You have a lot to explain."

                Cocking a brow, I asked him, "Like what?"

                "Like how you came home for a few days then left without a word! Or how you've been acting like you don't know us and we're bad parents in front of the press!" Snapped my step mom.

                "Since when do you care?" I snapped back. "Since I got famous?"

                Instead of sticking around for an answer, I ran up the stairs, one thing set on my mind. Zayn and I had talked about me moving to London with Jamie a few months ago and now that school was over, why the hell not? Who can control me now that Jamie was 18 too? I have money saved up from the tour. I could buy us an apartment. We could leave this stupid town finally.

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