{Scarlett's POV} 

I walked side by side with Octavia as we entered the party. It was huge to say the least. My phone had died on the way here, which only added onto the long list of deep shit I was in.

Octavia was quick to make us change and head out to meet her friend.

"Liza!" Octavia squealed to a girl with straight black hair, she was gorgeous.

"Tav!!! Who's this?" Liza asked and I smiled.

"This is my new and best friend Scarlett. Look we have to keep eyes on her, she's a golden prize, anything happens to her and we're dead."

"Hey!" I protested and Octavia just laughed shooting me a wink.

"Wait, Scarlett...as in..?"

"She's the kings mate!" Octavia yelled over the blasting music and Liza's eyes widened and she bowed her head.

"Im so sorry your majesty, please let me know if you need anything." Liza said and I rolled my eyes playfully.

"Please, just call me Scarlett. No formal introductions needed, just think as me as one of you girls!"

"I'd be honored!" She grinned hugely at me and linked her arm with me and Octavia's.

"Where have you been lately?" Liza asked Tavia and she looked at me not knowing what to say exactly.

"Uh, she's been crashing with me for a while, I met her at the ball and just wanted to get to know her, make a new friend ya know?" I covered and Tavia sent me a thankful look and I just nodded.

"Oh! Understandable!" We stopped in front of a bar and Liza let us go getting two cups and handed them to us.

"Is this..?" Octavia started to ask and Liza grinned nodding.

"It's just a tiny bit of wolfs venom and tequila."

Wow, wolfs venom if a powerful drink for wolves, it was really the only thing that got us super hammered for a good amount of time before wearing off.

"Sounds good to me." Octavia said chugging it down.

Yep, she is literally insane.

"Warning, the bitch squad is here." Liza said and I gave her a confused look.

"There is this group of girls from our college that comes to these type of parties. Cassidy Lockwood, Marty Heathers, Madison Kepner, and Lisa Rivers. All over there with their barbie attitudes." Said Octavia pointing to a group of people.

They did look vicious and I didn't even know them. I even felt threatened when one caught my gaze and gave me a dirty look. 

"Lets dance!" Octavia said pulling me to the dance floor as Liza went to speak to some other friends of hers that just entered.

Nervously, I followed her onto the dance floor. She instantly let loose just dancing happily.

 She instantly let loose just dancing happily

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