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The crew of the Titan X spacecraft lay once again in cryogenic hibernation. After being guided away from Arcturus by Phoenix, the space station soon became a faint glare in the distant light of the sun, autopilot now controlling the ship for its two and a half year journey to Titan.

Phoenix Drake, the naval officer and commander, lay with his prosthetic hand folded over his good hand. Dr. Ariel Fairhaven, once assigned to the megacarrier U.S.S. Fortitude rested, strapped at the waist and chest, her flaxen braid floating in zero gravity. Callisto Tenzing, a dark wreck of a soul, his hair a shade blacker in the dim auxiliary lighting, slept a dreadful sleep. Luna Skye, completely healed of her wounds suffered from the monstrous Vladimir Sergov, still possessed her father's gold pocket watch, stored in her personal item locker below her sleep unit. And finally, Dr. Sarah Lawson, a woman of many years, heart and determination waited for her chance to reunite with her long lost love, a husband she had shared many adventures with, and would hopefully share at least one more on the surface of a frozen moon.

As for Nova Kailani, lieutenant commander and copilot, her duty came to an end in a tragic and horrible way, her memory still resonating in Phoenix's mind.

But also, in a cargo hold near the rear of the ship, close to the pod bay, another cryo unit set undisturbed and unbeknownst to the rest of the Titan X crew. The unknown stowaway was none other than a man called Wolf, also known by the name, Xavier Reynolds, the man who purposely rigged Jake Soloman's escape pod to depart for Titan in the year 2052, all because he harbored a secret love for his wife, Sarah.

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