The Flight

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3rd PoV

Tsuna waited patiently inside the luxurious airplane owned by the Vongola Familiar as her friends a.k.a some former students of the 3-E class enters the room.

"Hey guys, it's been a long time" Tsuna smiled sincerely at her friends. Sugino grinned and rubbed the back of his head "Too long I'd say. Maybe 4 or 6 years? I dunno" he laughed.

"You've become a model, Tsuna! Puberty hit you like a bulldozer!" Rio exclaimed.

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Tsuna shook her head at the blonde's antics and chuckled.

"What about yourself, Rio-chan. You've became quite the lady there~ are you dating someone?'' Tsuna leaned in putting her chin on her hand as she smirked amusedly.

Rio huffed and flipped her hair, acting haughtily though she failed, she uttered "Of course, like, who doesn't like to have a piece of moi?" She gestured to herself.

Maehara, who was beside her, rolled his eyes at her reply.

"Me" he bluntly said only to receive a harsh slap on the back of his head.

He glared at the fellow blonde while caressing the sore back of his head.


"Hmph! That's what you get for being an idiot" Rio huffed.

Tsuna, Isogai, Kayano, Sugino and Megu chuckled at their actions.

"Maa~ maa~ guys stop arguing" Kayano, being he peacemaker she is, stop the argument to continue.

"How are the others? I haven't contact them for a while" Tsuna leaned back to her seat.

"Okuda and Takebayashi became successful scientist while Terasaka bacame the assistant of someone, Itona is reviving his family's business the others.. I don't know" Sugino said sheepishly.

"They are our friends yet we don't know what are their current status. What great friends we are" Tsuna dryly laughed.

"Maa~ maa~ well see them soon enough Tsuna-chan and when that day comes we can catch up" Megu pats her shoulder comfortingly.

"When will we leave, Tsu-chan?" Kayano asked her, leaning on Tsuna's shoulder.

"We can leave anytime, Kaede-Chan but there's still some missing people. We can't just left them behind" Tsuna smiled apologetically.

Kayano pouted while hugging her arm.

Over the years, Tsuna and Kayano became best of friends and have a bond that's unbreakable.

They were practically sisters. They also tend to hug each other from time to time, just to show their sisterly affections.

"Tadaomi-kun is on the other room, resting. He must've been really tired. Withdrawing from the military all of the sudden, it took the whole military force of Japan literally 3 days to realize that they lost an important figure and instantly demanded an explanation in the middle of the night. The conference took 5 hours to complete without stopping. I never saw Tadaomi that angry before" Tsuna sighed rubbing her forehead remembering the events that happens a week ago.

"You were there, Tsu-chan?" Kayano asked curiously.

Tsuna nodded "Ah, since someone needs to calm Tadaomi-kun. Even though he's stoic all the time, he also gets angry you know? I just don't know why didn't they just contacted him instead of barging in his room in the middle of the night just to have an explanation, I swear they get more stupid second by second" her eyebrow twitched.

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