A Few Words About Down Salem Way

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Down Salem Way is a true labor of love. I'm very fortunate that the characters James and Sarah have struck such a chord with readers. Maybe it's the vampire story. Maybe it's the vampire/human romance. Maybe it's the story of eternal love. Whatever the appeal, the Loving Husband Trilogy has been beloved worldwide, and I'm grateful.

For Down Salem Way, I returned to the Salem Witch Trials since there are still demons from that era haunting James. Returning to Salem in 1692 is the perfect place for James to face the horrors of the Salem Witch Trials, and the role he played in them, once and for all.

I hope you enjoy watching the story evolve on Wattpad. What I'm publishing here aren't completed, revised chapters ready for publication. What you're reading is very much a work-in-progress, and there will be many revisions and edits before the final version is ready for publication. 

Now you may notice a few changes coming to the story from what I've published already. I've had a rethink about how the story was progressing, and I've made a few decisions, which means that a lot of what you're seeing here is about to be heavily revised. Stay tuned! 

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