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3rd PoV

Reborn stood here still as his eyes were fixated on the young woman who was descending on the stairs.

He furrowed his eyebrows.

There stood in front of him as a young woman no more than 19 years old...


With long dark brown hair and bright hazel eyes.

He scanned her from to toe [not in a perverted way] and thought.

'...kinda small'

It was the first thought that entered his head when he saw her height.

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He was very disappointed when it wasn't who he was expected to be.

Slowly, his hopes of meeting her again break little by little.

"Kaede, what took you so long?" Karasuma looked at the girl with father-ish eyes.

Kayano laughed nervously before saying "W-well, I was helping—"

"Sorry for the long wait, Tadaomi-kun!"

It was her.

—At the same time, in another place.

Raven hair bounces slightly as the man walks around his beloved town.

Nothing change except for the slightly increase a crime rate.

Hearing that particular news made his blood boil. Has Kasukabe been doing his work?

With an annoyed facade, Hibari Kyoya stomps to Nanimori High with a deathly aura that covered almost 5 meters of his surroundings.

His companions, also knows as Omnivores, just sighed or chuckle at his expression.

Nagisa Shiota and Akabane Karma decided to accompany the prefect despite the light glare that was grown on their way when he heard it.

They have know him for 6 years, long enough to know his nature and now used to his 'carnivorous' behavior and love for violence.

So they basically didn't mind the growls, snarls, random attacks and glare that he thrown at them. And they also earned his respect which was a huge accomplishment.

Surprisingly, Karma and Kyoya got along well, despite the Red-head being a provocative-insane-annoying herbivore being as Hibari quoted.

It took a lot of time, yes, but it was all worth it. Now Karma has a prefect that he can annoy and fight.

"Hibari-kun, please don't start a commotion, Tsuna-chan won't  be happy with this. Besides, didn't you promise her?" Nagisa sighed.

Hibari growled and said "Shut up, Blue Omnivore. I cannot accept the fact that my town's crime rate has increased even by the slightest. I have to bite all those who dared corrupt my town, including Kasukabe"

Somewhere, a certain vice-chairman sneezed.

"What will Tsuna-chan say about this? Do you want to disappoint her?" Nagisa stared at the back of the prefect hardly.

"Boo~ come on Nagisa~ don't be a party-pooper and let us have fun~" the red head beside him pouted while wrapping an arm around Nagisa.

Nagisa blushed profusely and immediately break free form his hug.

He glared -pouted- at the smirking red head "I am just saying the consequences of what he will do. Do you want to see her sad face, Hibari-kun?"

Hibari slowly paused on his step so did the two boys and started imagining her sad face.

It was heart wrenching. It was as if she saw someone kick a box filled with the cutest puppies ever.

Hibari hesitantly shook his head and sighed irritated. He massaged his forehead to sooth the incoming headache.

"..no" he growled.

"Then don't beat those people up and just intimidate them with your death glares, I'm sure they will stop" Nagisa suggested.

Karma mockingly groaned "Oh come on Nagisa~ At least let me stuff wassabi and chili on their noses" he said.

Hibari nodded, strangely enough Hibari liked the way Karma tortures the enemy. Maybe because of the expression they made or the pitiful screams or the humiliation they felt when they realized that they were defeated by a single boy -much less younger than them- and were being tortured .

(Karma tends to pick on someone older than him)

Or maybe all of three of those. Who knows.

"Fine. Be that way, If they resist then feel free to use your tonfas, Hibari-kun. Just don't injure them badly. Maybe a few cuts and bruises" Nagisa sighed exhausted.

He just finished college early, thanks to a certain man and now resting. College took a big toll on him after all. He doesn't want to deal with shinenigans for now.

"Knowing Hibari-kun... He will most likely leave Lots of cuts, broken bones, bruises, many damaged organs, both black eyes and some loose teeth -maybe around 5-6 tooth-..." Nagisa mumbled.

Karma 'lol'ed and said "He is furious, Nagisa. He will do more than that if you didn't stop him.. "

They resume their walk in silence until the red head decided to break it again much to the blue head's annoyance.

"So no wassabi?"

"For God's sake, no Karma. No."

—Back to the Sawada Household.

Reborn's body went rigid, his breath hitched in his throat and his eyes sent wide as plates.

Leon furiously blinks his beady eyes.

Tadaomi and Kayano went to the gates away from the two to give them some space. Nana left to the kitchen.


"Ah, Reborn-san. Good day" she formally said with no emotions and robotically bowed.

His heart breaks at the added suffix.


"If you want to apologise then apology accepted... " she cuts him off, she strays her gaze away from him and looked to the sides.

Even if she forgave him, he felt that she really didn't. He expected this but what he didn't expected was her change of body.

The once skinny figure of the girl was replaced with a slim and curvy body. She became tall, almost the same height of his chin. Her short gravity-defying hair was now tamed, silky and bright.

Her brown eyes became the mixture orange and gold.

'Beautiful... '

It was as if an angel was in front of him. The most beautiful angel he had ever seen.

"Why... did you forgive me?" He desperately wanted to know why. There must be a reason.

"We will be working with each other from now on. There's no point of having grudges to someone I will work with. That would be plain awkward. Plus this could be one of the reason of the downfall of the Vongola... If that ever happens" she explained, she shrugs.

Reborn stayed silent. His fedora covers his eyes and face but Tsuna could feel it.

He was sad, nervous, confused and so many more but did she care? Nope.

"If that's all​ then I will take my leave. See you in Italy, Reborn-san'' she bowed and left with her companions, while holding Tadaomi's hand.

Reborn just watch them left with a broken heart.

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