Chapter 12

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"Olivia how is this possible" Amanda questioned.

"I don't know..."Olivia was just confused as Amanda.

Olivia ran to Elliott throwing her head down' on hid shoulder. "Who's the father" "Just tell me I want to know now" she pleaded.

"It was a man named William Lewis." He began sitting her down. "We found him when a woman caught him flashing at them and they called the police. We picked him up,ran his DNA and bam you have his kid.

"So my baby daddy is a rapist?"Olivia said crying now.

"Babe, you gotta be strong. I cant imagine how hard this must be, but WE WILL get thorough it."Elliott said.



"I hate to rain on this moment but uh Kathy wants to talk to Liv" Amanda said as Olivia stood wiping her eyes wanting to help Kathy.

Olivia drove to the Stabler house where she was greeted by Lizzie who was sick home from school.

"Where's mommy Liz?"Olivia said picking up her god daughter.

"She is in the kitchen waiting for you" Lizzie said kissing Olivia hello.

"Hey Kathy, its Liv." She said walking in to the other room.

"Hey i just wanted to thank you for helping me through this."

"That's what office wives are for right?"

Olivia joked.

"That's right, do you want coffee?" Kathy asked the brunette.

"Sure but Kathy i just want you to know that we need to take your statement. The sooner the better." Olivia said trying to stay away from the question for the longest time possible.

"If you want Kath, I can get someone you dont know to do it." Olivia said trying to make her feel more comfortable.

"No, i want you here i want to tell you what happened. I want to catch this guy." Kathy said very willing to talk.

"Great so tell me what happened"Olivia said.

"Ok well not very much. I was walking to work,the same rode i do everyday,and man came up behind me. He pushed me into the alley." Kathy said about to break any moment.

"Good honey, do you remember any thing about it, did he say anything to you?" Olivia asked putting her hand on her back.

"Yea, yea, he said "Im not hurting you im hurting Elliott, he doesn't work there anymore and hes one of the best detectives there. Thats why they are gonna find me"Then he-he put him self inside m-me" Kathy said in pain more than shame.

"Do you remember anything about him, his weight, height, hair color?" Olivia said embracing Kathy in a hug.

"He had. Blondeish brownish hair. He was a little taller than Elliott. And probably 150 pounds. And his fingerprints they were.. Rough, scratchy they were really weird" She said pulling away from Olivia.

"I will hunt this man down if he kills me in the process." Olivia said promising Kathy.

Amanda was showing and she knew it too.Casey saw Amanda struggling to keep it together.

Casey walked by her desk and crouched down. "Manda, i think we need to tell the squad that your having h-a baby" she said stumbling over the words his baby.

"We might as well get it over with"Amanda said.

"Why don't I invite everyone over for 'dinner' tonight, I think Zara's back from D.C we can finally meet her." Casey said.

That night slowly everyone piled into the ADA's house. After they ate the kids went off to play and Casey gave Amanda a little head nod. "Everyone," Amanda said as she stood up. "Um.. I don't know really how or what to say but uh I'm having a baby."

"What how did that happen?" Munch asked asking for a more sophisticated answer than he got.

"Well you so Jon, when two people love each other very much.." Fin answered.

"I passed 7th grade health Fin thank you very much. "Jon answered very quickly.

"I didn't and don't love him" Amanda answered twice as fast then Jon. "In fact i didn't even consent."She said waking into the bathroom.

"Wow, someone should go talk to her" Nick said not wanting to.

All four girls stood up and walked to the bathroom. "Can we come in?"Kathy knocked on the door.

"Sure"Amanda answered coldly.

"They are all making jokes. All they guys even Fin" Amanda said wrapping her self up in her hands. "That was rude".

She got up a run out the front door. She drove home. Threw herself on the couch.


Zara was on the play ground playing with Taylor who was also in the third grade with her. She saw a man watching them as they played and she remembered her dad saying if she ever saw someone following her to go to a teacher or someone she knows.

Zara started walking over to her teacher when she felt a pair of cold rough fingers on her shoulders pulling her in the opposite direction. She tried to yell for Taylor but there was no scream that came out of her.

"Hey cutie pie." The owner to the rough fingers said.

"Let go of me or my dad will kill you but family is the NYPD and they love me too much to let me die" she screamed at him.

He threw her in the back of his old car. When she got into the car she turned around to see Casey lying next to her.

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