Chapter Thirteen|| Werewolves rule, hunters drool

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{Scarlett's POV}

"Run, run!" Octavia yelled letting out a loud laugh. 

"We lied!" I said stopping in the mall parking lot and she grinned at me out of breath. 

"Okay so we may have climbed out the bathroom window from the mall leaving our guard, but who cares?" She said and I looked around seeing no one and felt slightly panicked.

"Now, my friend Liza is having a party, and we're going!" She grinned. 

"Oh.. oh okay." I spoke not knowing what else to say. I didn't want her to get mad at me. She's the only girlfriend I had at the moment. She grabbed my keys from my hands and smirked. 

"Lets go." 

Im going to die.


"You have got to be kidding me!" Octavia let out. 

"How could we forget to get gas, out of all things?!" She growled. 

"I know... we're dead." I mumbled leaning against the car. 

I knew this was a terrible idea.

"Might as well go back and deal with the wrath of our mates." I added liking that idea better than being stranded. 

"Hell no! The power pack is maybe ten minutes down the road. Ill have Liza take us back and have someone get our car later, come on. We'll change into our dresses we bought when we get there, so grab the bags from the trunk." She said and I sighed, nodded, and headed to get them. 

As I shut the trunk back something caught onto my wolfs hearing, she barely picked it up and it sent her into alert, sending me into alert. 

"Okay lets-" I cut Octavia off waving my arms frantically and pointed to my ear. 

She stopped and moved her hair away from her ear listening. Her eyes widened picking it up also, it was low breathing. 

I smelled the wolfsbane before I saw it and Octavia lunged forward knocking me to the ground. The bullet hit the tree behind me. Octavia pushed me under the car and I looked at her like she was crazy, she needs to get under too. 

"Trust me, that shit hurts. Stay down. You're my queen, I protect you, not the other way around." She whispered so low I barely heard it. 

I saw her eyes flash a yellowish gold signaling her wolf was taking control.  Like hell I was gonna sit here. Does she not realize I was from the sectors? I've been in so many fights I could barely keep count. 

"Come out! Don't be a coward." She growled out. 

I rolled out from underneath the car and started looking around. Ever since Christian marked me, my eye sight and hearing was so much better, almost like I inherited his. 

I saw them as I peeked over the car. They were behind a bush and Octavia's back was to them, she's going to get herself killed!

I stood up so quickly rolling over the car knocking her down as another was fired and we rolled into a ditch beside the car. It wasn't the time to be thinking about how badass that was, but I did.

"Hi." I smiled and she looked at me as if I was stupid, which I probably am. 

"Stay low." I mocked and dove into the bushes next to me and looked around, they were nowhere to be seen so I used my hearing. 

"Im out of bullets." It was faint, but audible. 

"Me too, I used too many earlier, looks like this is going to be hand to hand." Another voice said, my favorite fights. 

"They're out of bullets." I told Octavia and she grinned standing up knowing the fight was already won. 

"Come on out." 

Within seconds two males emerged from a brush pile and she motioned them forward getting into a fighting stance. 

"Cute." One male said and I looked at him like he was stupid. 

"She's not one to piss off." I said walking beside her as I folded my arms. 

I wasn't threatened by them anymore. Not since I knew they were out of bullets. They were merely weak compared to us.

"Two female you really think you stand a chance?" Octavia scoffed.  

"You hurt my feminist side." She said placing a hand over her heart. 

"Typical women, you going to go cry to your boyfriends now?" He mocked back. 

We looked at each other already annoyed and pissed off. Octavia gave me a quick nod before launching herself at them. One man swung at me but I ducked easily knocking his legs out from underneath him, my heel sat on his neck waiting to plunge it through, and if any movement he made, he knew I would. 

He sat with wide eyes. 

I looked over as Octavia had the man already on his knees and she growled delivering a kick so hard he flew into the tree behind him.

I looked over as Octavia had the man already on his knees and she growled delivering a kick so hard he flew into the tree behind him

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"Didn't you hear? Wolves rule, hunters drool. How's that for being a woman?" She mocked stalking towards him kicking him onto his back and placed her foot on his neck like I did. 

"Sleep tight." She said raising her foot knocking him out cold with a kick. 

I looked down at the guy underneath my sharp heel of my shoe. 

"Ever wondered what happens when a heel gets stabbed through someone's jugular?" I asked him.

"N-no." He stuttered out.

"Try what you did again, and you will." I turned to Octavia.

"Octavia, would you like to do the honors?" I asked. 

"Would love to." She said walking over once again knocking another man out cold with a simple kick. 

"Lets tie 'em up and put them in the trunk. We have a party to get to." She grinned. 

This girl will be the death of me. 


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