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“Connor!” Naomi exclaimed. But I wasn’t offended. I’ve met guys like Connor before; guys who think they’re so tough and wants things their way. But lucky for me, I know how to handle them.

‘I’m sorry but your name isn’t written on this chair.” I said, not getting up from the chair.

He stood there glaring at me, and I smiled in response making him angrier.

“Connor, just sit somewhere else.” Naomi sighed, pleading with her eyes.

“Fine” He muttered going to sit across from my mom.


Dinner was okay except for Connor constantly glaring at me and my mother was still typing away on her cell. Michaela and I found out we had so much in common.

Mom and I went home after dinner and I crashed on my bed not bothering to change into my PJs.


My alarm clock rang and I shut it off getting up from bed. First day was never easy and plus it’s like the middle of semester. I hate being the new girl; attention is something I hate.

I got ready in record time and got dress in some black skinny jeans and a purple hoodie and went downstairs finding my mother trying to toasting some pre-made waffles.

I wasn’t surprise to see her awake at this time; it’s sort of a tradition. Everytime we moved and I have to start a new school, she makes ‘I’m sorry waffles’ on my first day of school.

We ate in silence for a while until I decided to break it. “Are you going to find a job today?”

She nodded. “I already found one and I’m going on an interview today.”

“What is it?”

“I’m going to be a maid at this fancy hotel call The Chamberlain.” I hope she didn’t put her last job as a reference because I already know what her last boss would say to her current boss.

Rachel Green is a very hard worker, she’s very good at um…fulfilling your needs.

But I don’t think my mother is stupid enough to mention her last job. But then again she is blond so fingers cross.

I finished my breakfast and mom wished me luck at school and I wished her luck on her new job.

Putting my jacket on since it was chilly; I went outside at the same time the Campbell kids came out of their house.

There were three cars in the driveway and Laura got into the fancy red lamburgeni while Chavez, Michaela and Connor got into the black Ashton Martin car.

Michaela saw me and she waved at me and I gave her a small wave back.

“Do you need a ride?” She asked.

Before I could answer, Connor spoke up. “There is no way I’m driving that bitch to school.” Wow, what the fuck did I do to him? He’s actually mad that I sat in his seat?

I put on a fake smile. “I would love a ride.” I walked over to them and got in the passenger seat, just to annoy Connor some more. Chavez and Michaela got in the back while Connor got in the driver’s seat and we were off to school.