Let Me Make It Up To You Part 5.

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We sat in the ice cream place for a few hours talking and laughing. We must of lost track off time cause it was already dark out. We paid the bill and started walking out when I saw Y/n look at me and smile.

Y/n:"Wanna go for a walk on the beach?"She asked making me nod. We were walking for a while when I felt hands intertwine with mine making my stomach do flips. I bit my lip a little trying to hide the big smile that was appearing on my face.

We kept on walking in silence and stole a few glances at each other along the way. We arrived at the beach and saw the moonlight hitting the water making it look absolutely beautiful. Y/n looked at me smiled making me look at her.

Hailey:"Why do you keep on looking at me like that?"I asked making her walk behind me and wrap her arms around my waist making my heart skip a few beats at the gesture. She's so warm.

Y/n:"I find it adorable how you find the most simplest things so amazing"She said making me giggle and blush a little. I put my head against her chest and looked up at her while she looked down at me.

Hailey:"Someone once told me that the most simplest things are the most beautiful"I said making her chuckle and look at me amused.

Y/n:"Did Hailey Rhode Baldwin just quote me?"She asked amused making me giggle and nod.

Hailey:"I believe I did"I said making her laugh and shake her head. She spined me around making me wrap my arms around her neck while she wrapped her around my waist firmly. She had this certain look in her eyes making my heart skip beats and my eyes stare back at hers just as intensely.

Y/n:"You have no idea how much I missed you...."She said almost breathless. I put my hands at the back of her neck and played with her hair.

Hailey:"Trust me....the feeling is mutual"I said making her let out a slight laugh but turn back into that intense stare that seemed to draw me in.

Y/n:"Those few weeks without was utter torture....It was like there was a part of me missing"She said making me move my hands to her face running my fingers across her jawline. She closed her eyes and leaned into my touch making me smile a little.

Hailey:"I know...I'm sorry-"

Y/n:"Don't say sorry...I'm sure you just couldn't fight your feeling for him"She said making me nod. If you only knew.

Hailey:"Guess so....but I'm glad I did that"I said making her look at me confused"Cause we wouldn't be here today....I know this might sound weird but it feels like this time there's something different about us. I feel different when I'm with you now"I said making her smile a little and grip my waist a little.

Y/n:"Maybe this time will be different....maybe"She said making me smile and nod. We stayed in that position for while and started to lean in when my phone went off making me groan. She chuckled and pulled away"You should answer that love"She said making me pull out my phone.

Hailey:"What?"I asked annoyed making the other person laugh. I wasn't really in for the laughing mood making Y/n chuckle slightly. This freaking close!

Kylie:"Sorry Hails but I just wanted to give you a heads up since we have something to do tomorrow and we needed to discuss it"She said making me furrow my eyebrows. What can be so important that- oh....

Hailey:"Oh yeah,I'll be there in a few"I said making her giggle and hang up. I looked at Y/n and saw looking at me with a small smile.

Y/n:"I guess we have to go"She said making me pout. She pulled me in for a hug and kissed my head making me smile a little. much better.

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