{Short Epilogue} How To Save A Life

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Hope still had some trouble getting over her nightmares at times. But there was always someone to help her. The most important person was Faith. Faith kept her promise. She was always there. Always watching over Hope. Even when Hope tried out for the cheer team.

Hope walked in shorts and a tank top. She straightened her hair and put on some make up too. She looked completely like her old self, and everyone turned and stared. Jenna sneered. "What are you doing here?"

"I want to try out for cheer."

"Um...I don't think so."

"And why not?"

"Well, we don't like little emo children that cut themselves."

"Jenna, get a life. I don't cut myself."

"Well that still doesn't mean you're good enough for our team. We only take the best."

"Then how'd you become the captain?"

Everyone's eyes popped out of their heads. Jenna's mouth dropped open. "You think you're better than me?"

"I know I am."

"Ha! Have you even cheered before?"

Hope marched up to her. Hope was a good four inches taller so she was definitely more intimidating. "Listen, I was the captain of a cheer squad at a school ten times this size and we got second place nationally. I even remember your school there. They got, what was it? Twelfth place out of thirteen teams? So don't even try to pretend that you're better than me."

Jenna tried holding her ground, but she was faltering. "Prove it then. Do a routine with us. Watch it once. Then try it."


They did the routine. And Hope chuckled to herself. Her team would do that to just mess around or as a warm up.

She replaced a girl in the group and did the routine perfectly with them. It felt amazing to cheer again for her.

"Can you tumble though?" Jenna said snottily.


Hope backed up from them and did three back flips into a back tuck.

Everyone was aw struck.

"Jenna, we can't not let her on." One girl said.

"Fine! But don't think that you still aren't a bitch!"

Jenna stomped away. All the other girls went up to Hope and started talking to her, and she quickly made new friends.


On the anniversary of when Faith died, Hope and Josh took a trip to her burial site. Hope placed flowers on her grave, and she did shed a couple tears. Josh held her and they stayed for a little while. Then Faith's family showed up too. They were overjoyed when they saw Hope. They rushed up and gave her a hug.

They met Josh and loved him.


Years later the pain of what happened still gave the occasional nightmare, but they came much more rarely.

After high school Josh and Hope went to college and soon after they finished college they got married.

Soon after they had their first child. It was a girl and they named her Faith.

**This story was completely experimental. I was just trying to see if i could write like this and it be good. I'm glad you all liked it. I have other stuff that i plan on making now. PEACE!**

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