Chapter 38

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--------------BRUNO'S P.O.V----------

We're loosing him. He needs more oxygen.

1...2...3... Clear


I open my eyes as the sound of my breathing ring in my ears. Light blinds me as I take short breathes, a tube going from my nose, around my ears and into a machine, tube thing. My chest burns and my hands begin to sweat as someone walks into the white room.

"Mr. Hernandez. You're awake." A deep voice says, my body flinching at the mention of my last name.

I take in a deep breathe that causes me the burning sensation to expand all the way to my stomach. I blink as my vision adjusts, a police officer in front of me. A doctor steps from behind him and walk towards me. His arms are crossed and his posture represents authority.

"You are very lucky to be alive Mr. Hernandez." The doctor says with no emotions.

I take in another breathe as my eyelids become heavy.

"Where am..."

"You're in Olympia Medical Center Mr. Hernandez, but you will not be here for long."

The burn in my chest keeps increasing as well as sleep, but I fight to keep my eyes open.

"Why am I here..." My words slur as my eyes threaten to close.

"Mr. Hernandez, are you a smoker?"


He nods his head as if confirming an idea of his.

"Well Mr. Hernandez, it seems that your unhealthy smoking habit as caused abnormal cells to grow in one or your lungs."

"What do you mean..." My words slur as my eyes close for a second but I quickly recover.

The doctor stays silent. He clears his throat and takes a quick glance at the officer in the front of the room, his eyes carefully on me.

"Mr. Hernandez, you have developed lung cancer."

I remain silent, my mind still processing it.

You have lung cancer.

"But that is not why you are here." The doctor speaks again, before I can ask any questions. "It seems that yesterday, because of certain events, you received a very dangerous panic attack which caused to become paralyzed and for you to loose consciousness. You are very lucky to be alive."

He walks closer to the police officer and I look around the room.

You're going to die.

The thought appears in my mind as my breathes shorten. Then, I remember something.

"Where is Phillip?" My mind is slowly breaking as the word cancer rings in my head, but all I can think of is where Phillip is.

"He's outside." The officer says, like the doctor, showing no emotion.

"I need... to talk to him." My words are more understandable, but I still fight back the heaviness in my eyes.

The officer exits the room and comes back seconds later, pushing Phillip inside. Phillip's eyes are tired as dark circles cover them. His shirt is stained with blood and his hands are handcuffed, like mine will be soon.

His eyes meet mine and I can't help but feel a lump in my throat.

It's over.

"Let me talk to him. Alone. Can I atleast have that." My voice cracks as my eyes start burning, my body already getting used to the sensation.

The doctor nods and exits the room, the officer closing the door halfway. Phillip walks closer to me, his head hanging low.

"You alright." He whispers.

For now.

"Phillip...I have lung cancer." I blurt out, his eyes shining.


"I have lung cancer. I'm lucky to be alive but i'm going to die eventually so it doesn't even f****** matter." Depression kicks in, a side effect of being told you have cancer I guess.

He clears his throat and lets out a heavy sigh.

"You can't die. You're Bruno Mars!" He's yelling now.

"No, i'm Peter Gene Hernandez, the disappointment of my family."

Silence sets in.

"You can't die and you won't."

"I prefer dying than being in prison for all i've done." Selfish thought, but reality. My eyes are heavier than ever and the burning keeps growing, but i'm used to it by now.

"Think of all the people that need you right now!"

"What people! I have no one!"

Phillip steps back, making me realize that I just ignored him and the importance of him in my life. "Apart from you, i'm nothing to nobody."

"Think of Nala! She's stuck with Drew! Who knows what he's doing to her right now! If he killed Anabeth, think of what he'll do to her!"

I let out a sigh, then something sparks in me.

"They haven't found her?"

"No! Because the only person that knew where Drew was got killed!" Images of Brooke's dead body play quickly through my head.

"You might not have saved Anabeth, but you can save Nala. Get your revenge Bruno! You won't die."

At that moment, the little sanity I had left disappeared. I was going to die, but not until I found Nala and killed Drew. He stole Anabeth from me, but I was not going to let him keep Nala. She was mine and if I was going to get arrested, it was going to be for killing him.

"Okay. If I die, Drew is going with me."

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