How to change a life; chapter 3

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A/N- PLEASE READ: Sorry that this chapter isn't funny, but cancer isnt really a barrel of laughs, you know? There were just a few things in this chapter that I had to clear up. I'm writing the next chapter as we speak,I'll try and make it better. Oh and thats Jess in the pic.  

P.S sorry for the bad grammar, hasnt been edited yet.  

P.P.S Thanks for reading :)

Chapter Three

Words are just words; actions speak louder.


It had been two weeks since I last spoke to Harry, or even spoke about him. My friends knew that he was a no-go zone when it came to conversation. I caught him looking at me from across the cafeteria, or in the hallway and everyday there was a yellow rose left in my locker... and every one of them went in the trash.

Jess had decided not to go through with an abortion, that a baby would be good for her and keep her off sex. I told her just to join a convent and become a nun if she wanted to give up sex, but she said that she couldn't give up the habit. We still had no idea who the father was and coincidently Chase didn't know who had his virginity.

Not everything was going so good, though. My mom had moved in with my aunt Lisa and taken Ella with her. I was left with him. With my dad. Everyday in that house with him was like a bad audition for the part of Darth vader in Star Wars. Every five minutes it was: "Look, I am your father." That suddenly meant nothing when he refused to come to the hospital with me to see the doctor. What kind of father was he? What kind of man was he?

I sat in the waiting room, twiddling my thumbs and watching the little girls play with their Barbie dolls. I wished my friends were there with me. I wished anyone was there with me, even Harry. I felt so naked, so exposed; like everyone was staring at me, like I was on show. It was dreadful, I was thankful when Dr. Singh finally called my name.

Dr. Singh was a very handsome Indian man who always had extremely cold hands and a serious face. He leaned over his desk and motioned for me to sit in the large red leather chair in front. "I don't know what to tell you, Rayleigh. You refuse to take the treatment..."

"How long, man?" I persisted.

He smiled kindly. "I'm afraid that's not set in stone, the only person who can know that now is you, unless you let me run some tests."

"No thank you, I think I'd like to let it happen the way God intended it, you know?" I told him.

He gave me an understanding look. "Well, all I can say is either pull out of school or don't take gym class and be around the ones you love."

"In the end... will it hurt?" my voice was beginning to shake, but I tried to keep as numb as possible.

"Most probably." he told me honestly. "If you would prefer a more comfortable exit, it would be wise to leave it in the hands of my medical team rather than in the hands of God."

"Comfortable exit? Dude, I'm dying not shopping at Wal-Mart!" I sighed. Rayleigh that was out of line. I told myself. "I'm sorry, but with all do respect sir, I'd rather go with God." I stared out the window behind him at the sheeting rain. I wasn't crying, but the sky was doing it for me.

"Of course." he said. "Come back in a couple of weeks, please."

"Why? To make sure I'm not dead?" I asked bluntly.

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