"Stating the obvious here but this is a bad idea," I drag my feet behind an ecstatic Blair

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"Stating the obvious here but this is a bad idea," I drag my feet behind an ecstatic Blair. She shoots me a glare over her shoulder while Taylor gives my arm a gentle squeeze in support. "It's not even our own schools party, isn't that just a bad sign in general?"

"Relax. I was invited by Julia," She walks backwards momentarily, not caring that she's in heels or potentially at risk of stacking it. "You know who she is. She used to be on the dance team with us, she moved about a month after you quit."

I purse my lips at the mention of an ex teammate of mine. The main reason I'm capable of being friends with girls like Blair and Taylor is because I was once in the same league as them. I used to be in the inner circle until I dropped off the radar after quitting the dance team.

Quitting was a personal decision that I constantly think back to. I wonder if I stuck with it would I have had so much trouble with my anxiety, would dance actually help me or was I right from quitting as a prevention from what could've been worse.

Even though I quit Blair stuck with it since freshman year and is currently the captain of the team. Sometimes she drags me along to practice - in an attempt to get me to realize what I'm missing- but proves futile when I walk out. It feels like I'm torturing myself by watching and I can't stick around when it feels like a part of me is missing.

I exhale and give a false smile to Taylor who rushes to catch up to Blair. Both girls are stopped at the door by someone holding a bowl, the lights inside are purple and those that go past can be seen with paint covering their skin. My mouth gets dry and I go to walk back to the car when Blair latches onto our arms.

"In honor of our birthday girls favourite era it's themed a black light party. There's a body paint station set up in the dining room to the right," We're instructed as she holds out the bowl to us with a chesire like grin. "Also to celebrate her new found relationship status she's trying to play matchmaker. Take one depending on your status."

"This is a really cool idea," Blair takes a green one, Taylor sharing a look with me that says otherwise. "I haven't seen Julia in a while. I'm Blair, this is Taylor and Kira."

I stare at the glowsticks in the bowl, tempted to take a red to avoid being approached. Although that decision is made for me when Blair latches the one she had in her hands around my wrist grabbing another one for herself.

"Oh! Julia said she wants to catch up with you at some point tonight. Last time I saw her she was upstairs playing pool." I shove my hands into my jackets pockets while reluctantly following the girls inside.

Blair's eyes constantly watch me to make sure I don't run, it's scary how well she knows me. Linking pinkies with me she pulls me along the hallway with Taylor following. I winch when someone bumps my shoulder, the orange paint rubbing off of them and onto my denim jacket.

I curse under my breathe, breaking the chain when we reach the kitchen that's lit dimly in contrast to the complete blackout through the house. Pulling my jacket off I drape it over my arm and take a cup from the stack in the middle of the island. While Blair goes straight for a mixed drink I stick to the simplistic coke for the night having nominated myself as the designated driver.

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