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Short chappy because I have a final to do. Also video games await for me this weekend. there's a possibilty I won't publish tomorrow because I'm going to a pool party, hopefully I'll have time to publish  in the morning. 

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"Mitch?" Kevin peered around the corner of the open cell, seeing Mitch on the bed, his hands covering his neck.  "Oh, there you are."

Mitch looked up and stood to rush over to Kevin and hug him tightly.  He buried his face in Kevin's chest and let out a small sigh of comfort. 

"Hey, Munchie, you alright? You didn't go back to the courtyard." Kevin said as he rubbed Mitch's back, unaware of the mark that was on Mitch's neck. 

"I-I ran into S-S-Scott in the bathroom and he-" Mitch was cut off by Kevin grabbing his arms tightly and tilting his head up to stare at him in the eyes. 

"What did he do to you?!" Kevin said quickly, his eyes filled with worry. He watched Mitch tilt his head to the side, revealing the bite mark that covered the bottom of his neck to his collarbone. A small gasp escaped Kevin's lips when he saw a bit of blood dripping from a few spots.  "Oh my lord, Mitch." Kevin said sadly and he leaned over to bring Mitch into a tight hug. 

"I-It didn't hurt but it's starting to sting a little bit." Mitch said and he breathed in Kevin's scent, relaxing his shoulders and letting his weight fall into Kevin's hands. He then felt a thick tongue near his neck and flinched but calmed once Kevin rubbed his back. 

Kevin lapped at the blood before wrapping his plump lips around the bite mark, sucking lightly before pulling back, seeing Mitch's face beet red. He smiled lightly and placed a small kiss to the mark before reaching behind him to slam the cell gate closed. He let Mitch go briefly as he grabbed the head of their bed and started pushing it to a different side of the cell where there wasn't a water leak. Once the bed was in place, Kevin laid down, opening his arms towards Mitch who was still standing by the cell door. 

Mitch rushed over and he climbed on Kevin's lap to lay down and get comfortable. "What do we later?" Mitch asked as he rested himself against Kevin's torso. 

"Most of time we just chill in the cells or we just walk around the prison. Though we are going to be moved soon enough to a building that actually assigns us jobs. Only a few gets sent every  week." Kevin explained shortly, his hand sneaking through the opening in Mitch's jumper and resting on his naked back. 

"Are the clothes going to be better?" 

"Possibly. It's usually sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt." Kevin shrugged and he traced Mitch's back dimples with his fingers. He felt Mitch shift at the feeling and he smiled, giving the top of Mitch's head a small kiss before he rested his head against the rock-hard pillow and did his best to drape the thin blanket over the two. 

Just as Mitch fell asleep , Kevin tilted Mitch's head up and gave him a sweet kiss on his lips before letting him sleep peacefully. 


In the middle of the night, Mitch woke up to the lock on the gate opening. He sat up to investigate the sound, only to have a potato bag pulled over his face and tighten around his neck to cut off his air supply. He attempted to scream but his mouth was covered and his body was picked up off of Kevin's lap and he felt his kidnapper drag him out of the cell by his arms. 

He was drug around the hallway before tossed onto the ground, possibly into another cell. The sound of a gate slamming shut startled Mitch and he went to pull the bag off of his face but it was yanked off along with a few strands of hair. The dim light was hard for Mitch's eyes to adjust to right away but once they did, Scott's face came into a view. "There he is." Scott smirked. 

Mitch started to crawl backwards in attempt to escape but his back came in contact with two sets of legs and he looked behind him, seeing two inmates standing in front of the cell gate. 

"Why are you trying to run away, Mitchie? Don't you want to see me?" Scott grabbed Mitch's wrists and pulled him onto his feet, smirking at how Mitch trembled under his touch. 

"What do you want, Scott?" Mitch whispered, wanting to yank himself out of Scott's grip but hesitated to. 

"I want you to know how it feels to be betrayed, Mitchie. Is it that hard to understand?"  Scott's smirk fell and he brought his hand up and smacked Mitch across the face hard enough to send Mitch to the ground. 

Mitch endured the pain and he held his cheek protectively, already feeling the skin and muscle start to swell. He then looked above him and noticed Scott holding a handmade rope and a sharp knife. 

"H-How the hell did you get those?" Mitch said and he started backing himself into the corner. 

"It's not that hard when you know practically the entire prison." Scott said and he grabbed one end of the rope that was tied into a noose and he tossed it over Mitch's head, pulling on it until it sat against Mitch's neck. He threw the other end onto a hook on the ceiling of the cell. 

Scott grabbed the rope that fell and put it in the hands of the two men by the gate. "Say your last words, Mitchie." Scott sneered, dropping the knifes and instead, running his fingers over a sledgehammer before grabbing the handle off of the ground. "Also, try to keep the screams to a minimum, this may be a closed in cell but I know how loud you can scream, we don't want to attract any attention do we?" 

Scott let out a hearty chuckled before grabbing Mitch's leg and rolling up the leg of the jumped, running his fingers over Mitch's calf. He backed away and got a grip on the sledge hammer, bringing it over his shoulder and then slamming it down against Mitch's calf. 


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