CHANWOO ~ Race [requested|2017]

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Jung Chanwoo [requested]
by: ParkTaegi16

Note: I decided to open the request before my next school year starts ☺



"Wow, the arcades here in Seoul is bigger than I thought. I think I'm gonna spend all of my hours playing here." I mumbled while pulling Woozi behind my back.

"Still wondering why you became my cousin. You're so boastful!" Woozi replied. I just pouted and glanced at Eunha who's going towards the race car game.

"Natalie, you can play here while waiting for me and Woozi. We'll just play together at the basketball." Eunha clinged at Woozi so I just rolled my eyes. Okay, I'm used to being the third wheel.

"Just go now. I'll just entertain myself like an idiot here," I said, looking around, "Come back after 15 minutes okay." they just nodded and left me. Don't know why they still have to bring me here on their date. Ugh.

I roamed around the race car alley and they are so crowded. Suddenly, I saw 2 vacant spots so I immediately ran towards it. But unfortunately, I crashed in a tall human's body because of how fast I ran.

I held my back as soon as I fell down. I felt dizzy that I can't even stand up.

"This place is not a park for you to run anytime you want to. And look where you're going." The guy I bumped said sarcastically as I stood up. Wow, how gentleman he is.

"You already saw me running so why didn't you avoid me? Whatta blind man. Tsss." I just passed by him and gritted my teeth. I finally sat on the race car and inserted my token. Yet, the game said it won't be able to start without an opponent. So, I waited someone to sit beside me and play.

"What a coincidence Ms. Runner. We were heading to the same race car game," that tall, chubby-faced guy appeared beside me and sat, "The loser would be do everything the winner says for a day. Deal?" I blinked several times before feeling like waking up. I gulped and replied,

"If it is a decent dare, then deal." he inserted the token too, and we both picked our cars. I can't imagine I'm about to play and have a bet with an unknown person. I hope this will end good.

"Hey you, stranger. Be ready to eat my dust okay?" he muttered before our cars finally started the engine. I just gulped again and begun stepping the gas and the clutches.

What kind of problem did I enter. In the first place, I don't know how to drive a real... and a fake ass car in an arcade.

I just close my eyes as my car bumped in the barracades and stumbled. Glady it appeared again so I started reaching this guy's car. His yellow car was running so fast ahead. I glimpse at his game and he's just driving with one hand. Then, he noticed I was looking so he glanced at me then winked.

I just stopped stepping the pedals and got shook. Gosh, I can't believe this is happening.

"The winner is, player one! Good game!"

Obviously, the player one is this tall guy I don't even know.

"Seems like you are going to be my peasant for this day." he groaned. I just leaned my head on the steering wheel and sighed. What was I thinking to agree with all his games.

"What am I going to order you? Hmm." I glanced at with a loser face.

"For a beautiful girl like you, I already have an idea." he stood up and held my wrist and pulled me up. I dropped my jaw and wasn't able to pull myself back.

"Where are you taking me?" he just smiled, for the first time this day, and brought me in a photobooth.

"I want to have a remembrance from you first. Don't try to reject this. You had a deal with me baby." I scowled my eyebrows as he forced me to go inside the photobooth. He inserted a coin he sat beside me. Closer than a while ago.

The camera flashed for 5 times, making 5 polariod pictures. The last shot was the most unexpected. I suddenly felt his long arms on my shoulders. I was shook again for the millionth time.

"Damn, I look good." he complimented himself while staring at the polariods. I just cross my arms and sighed.

"We look good together." he said something again, but it not audible.

"What did you just say?"

"I said I look good, right? Don't ever disagree." he gave me one polariod of us, a pic where we were both truly smiling at the camera.

"So you're keeping the rest?" I askdd as he put the polariod on his wallet.

"Wow, I didn't know you are also interested." he teased and chuckled. I just blushed rolled my eyes.

"By the way, I'm Chanwoo.
The winner." Oh, Chanwoo the cinnamon roll. His face really is so chubby. It doesn't suit his silly attitude.

"I'm Natalie. The loser." I stood up, about to leave from inside the photobooth when he pulled my hand that made me stumble against him. His face were so close to mine that I could feel his breathing.

"Who said I'm already done?" he whispered. I tried to get away from his grip on my hand, but he is so strong.

"Then, what's your other order sir?" I asked. He just smiled and pulled me even closer than I thought.

"Say yes as I ask this question." he said while straightly looking at my eyes. His round jet black eyes were sparkling and mesmerizing.

"Wh-what's that question Chanwoo?"

"May I court you, Ms. Runner? I mean Natalie?" I bit my lips, trying not to smile and blush.

"The answer?" he asked and chuckled.

"Yes." I replied and laughed. He held both of my hands and looked at me again.

"Don't be confused Natalie," he added, "This isn't an order. This is a serious thing. I just sensed something in you I can't find in other girls. So be lucky." I just laughed and poked him carefully.

"Let's play again that race car game. If I win again, you'll officially be my girlfriend." he said.

Fortunately, he won again.


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