Chapter 14: A Famous Fellowship

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"Y/n, how long are you going to keep sitting here? There are other people who'd like to see you." Gladion said worried. He puts a hand on your shoulder:
"She's not getting any better with you just sitting here. Thereby, you have to eat something."
You were holding Lillie's hand, she has been asleep for the entire day. After the battle, you took her to your room, and here she still lies now. It was already evening. You nod:
"Perhaps you're right, but..."
He shakes his head immediately:
"Lillie wouldn't want you to be ill or starving because of her too. And what did I say this morning about responsibility?"
You stand up and release Lillie's hand:
"I'll come back soon, Lillie."
No reaction from the sleeping one, of course.
You walk down the stairs with Gladion, and he shouts towards the kitchen:
"The dead man has awoken!"
Daisy Oak sprints towards you and hugs you.
She's so kind. I understand why Red has developed a crush for her.
"Y/n, I'm glad you decided to come here. I'm so happy to see you!"
She says smiling and touches your hands:
"I also wanted to say that you fought so bravely! How did you do that?"
Red seemed jealous of the hug and the hands, but you decided you tease him a little bit further.
We're friends after all! You smiled, grab her hands and sit down:
"Well, Daisy, that's a long story. If you want to hear it..."
"I want to!"
You laugh:
"Well, let's get on with it then!"
You tell the whole battle story and about your bond with Pokémon.

"And that's it, I think... do you want some tea, Daisy?"
She smiles:
"Yes, thank you, Y/n! You seem to be in a good mood! You're very kind!" She looks you deep in the eyes.
You turn around, as to make the tea, but rather to escape her deep, green-brown eyes.
Now is the time to stop teasing Red.
"But..." You said, continuing on your story, "I'm sure that Red can teach you more about bonds with Pokémon and training Pokémon than I can."
She turns over to Red, who blushes and begins to tell about what he knows about training. Yes, téll! Daisy knew he could still talk, but Blue nearly fell out of his chair, and he spit out his coffee from laughing. Even Gladion smiled! You cleaned up the spilled coffee. Blue was still surprised:
"Do I hear that right?! Red, telling a story? The only things he's ever said to me are 'yes', 'no' and '...'!"
That made you laugh.
Red's a rather sweet guy, he wants to impress Daisy! Talking for a long time is a big effort for him.
His words were well chosen and valuable, even to you.
Ash and Dawn were back in their home. Dawn is probably still angry at Ash, telling him he was too weak or something. Their relationship is not the greatest... I feel like they're going to break up soon... anyway, I don't want to be part of it.

"And that's all I know, I think."
He coughs, you think he has never talked so much in years!
Daisy coos and gives Red a hug:
"It's amazing how you do and know all those things!"
Red blushes again.
I've never seen him blush as much as today!
Blue's still amazed:
"I never heard him talk so much since he went to the mountain!"
Everyone laughs, even Gladion, and Red gets more red than a tomato!
You give him a wink. You all ate, you finished your coffee, and cleared everyone's plates and cups. You just had to do something to keep your thoughts away from Lillie. Daisy and you did the dishes, music always sounds better when you're with friends, and music sounded better with her as well: you sang together with Daisy for the rest of the evening, and with Blue as well. It was awesome, and good to make you forget this morning's battle.
With or without you, covered by a Kalosian band, was on the radio, and you were all singing, except Gladion:
"With or withoooouut yooouuu!"
Gladion stood leaning against a wall, smiling:
"I don't think this is good for Lillie."
That was reasonable, so you all stopped singing, but it was still enjoyable.
You and Daisy were still doing the dishes, when suddenly Blue approaches you and Daisy from behind, and lays his hands on your shoulders:
"Hey, folks! How are things going here? Getting allong all right? Perhaps more than all right?"
Daisy blushes, you just shake your head and say laughing:
"Bugger off, man. We're doing the dishes, or would you like to do them?"
He laughs.
Blue likes his teasing, it's like his hobby or something!
"Oooh, somebody's getting pissed? Or how are things going with your girlfriend?"
Daisy turns her head towards you, and looks at you.
You sigh:
"Blue, you know I'm not pissed, and you know I don't have a girlfriend."
Daisy turns back to her dishes.
Blue goes on:
"Or how's Lillie doing then?"
You turn sad:
"I hope she's fine..."
"Oh, did I hurt you? Sorry, pal. I didn't mean it!" He says. It doesn't sound like he meant what he just said though. He turns back to Daisy:
"And sister, how are you doing? Your face looks much better than this morning!"
She smiles:
"Thank you! I put a lot of work into making it better."
"Why? For Y/n?"
Daisy blushes hard, and a part of you wants to intervene, but the other part doesn't: it's brother and sister, you don't intervene there. Also, it's just some teasing.
Gladion does, laughing:
"Oh shut up, Blue."
Blue releases Daisy and you, and walks over to Gladion. You look at Daisy and shrug. She laughs, still blushing.
Once the dishes were finished, you wished everyone a good night and went to bed. Just before doing that, Gladion approached you:
"I have to sleep in Red and Blue's room! That's going to be some fun!" He says. You laugh:
"It will certainly be!"
You think about something else, and walk back towards Daisy:
"Daisy, where are you going to sleep, then?"
She smiles:
"You don't have to worry about that, Y/n! My brother has renovated my old room, and it looks brand new!"
You smile too:
"Awesome, good work, Blue!"
Now you really wish everyone a good night, and go to your room. You wish a good night to Lillie, and go to bed.
"Night night, Y/n..."
You jump up:
A soft, quiet voice speaks:
You run towards her and give her a hug:
"Glad you're awake."
Lillie looks worried:
"Y/n, you seem... different. Tired... or worried."
"It... it's nothing. Keep on sleeping, Lillie. Gladion is here too."
"G-Gladion? Here? You're kidding, right?"
"You'll see." You say as you give her a kiss on her forehead.
"But, bu-"
You lay a finger on her mouth:
"Shhh..." You smile, "sleep." You close her eyes with your hand, and walk back to your bed happily. Gladion was still downstairs, but you're sure he will like it too: Lillie's awake!

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