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Their chuckles did not mirror mine and I kept my face skeptical. I was being serious about what I said because I knew if rules weren't enforced that there would be chaos, major chaos.

“I'm being serious, you know.” I said, my arms draping my chest in a huff.

“We know, that's why it's so funny, but we aren't children anymore, Parvati.” Ryan said as sohphistically as one could.

“Oh please, we both know you haven't changed since high school.” A smirk spread across my face when they didn't retaliate or deny it.

I engulfed their bodies in a tight embrace before recoiling my arms from their tall, broad bodies. Since high school, they hadn't changed in the personality field but in body field they had indeed changed for the better. I missed them, and the memories we were blessed to create together.

“Okay, rule number one.” I raised my index finger in front of my face, “You will not ditch me for some sluts, okay? I don't want to be left alone while you two and your pal, Justin, go and hook up.”

They looked at each other before letting out raspy laughs throughout their Atlanta apartment dorm. 

“Pal!?” Chaz clutched his stomach and shook his head while his laugh didn't die down. 

My eyes widened, quickly turning into slits as I recognized them teasing me, “Shut up! A lot of people say pal now a days.”

“Yeah, our grandma's maybe!” Ryan half shouted, his white teeth bearing from the laughter that exploded his peach colored lips.

“Oh shut your mouths, moving on to rule number two..” I waited for them to stop laughing so hard. Finally, their laughter faded into snorts and light chuckles. 

“Rule number two! If you even dare to pull any pranks on me, I will kill you.”

This time they nodded freely, shoving their hands in there pockets and smiling agreeingly. I nodded, a slow smile tugging at my lips sneakily. 

“I have a question though,” I said, shuffling my feet on the ground.

“What is it, pal?” Chaz mocked, making me shoot a glare in his grinning direction. 

“How long will we be staying in the Bahamas? I can't take time off from school forever..” I mumbled, biting the inside of my lip's skin. I would soon see the effect it had on my lip because it would start to sting once I drank or ate something salty.

“Well, probably for only a few weeks.” Chaz shrugged, glancing over at Ryan for approval.

I nodded, taking all this newfound information in. I picked up my two large suitcases and I smiled crookedly, my dimples probably showering my face with their largeness. 

“Yeah, uh, when do we leave?” I asked, raising my eyebrow.

Ryan shot Chaz a look and rubbed the back of his neck—something he did when he was agitated or nervous. 

“Well..” he murmured, “Tonight, actually..”

I sighed heavily, pushing back lose hairs that fell from my messy bun that laid on top of my head in heaps of brown.

“What would have you guys done if I said no, huh?” I laughed, causing them to laugh along with me. 

“I'm sure Justin's gonna love you. He likes girls like you.” Chaz said grinning cheekily before walking into the tiny apartment's kitchen. 

My eyebrows knitted together and wrinkles appeared on my forehead. What did he mean by that? Ryan cracked a smile at me one more time before collapsing on the leather sofa, texting away to his multiple girlfriends that I knew he had collected. That was Ryan Butler for you..


My phone buzzed in the pocket of my jeans. I skillfully slipped it out and looked down at the screen, Ryan's name popping up in big black bold letters. I opened his text and murmured what it said in it's contents.

We're flying out there tonight. Chaz and I decided to bring along an old friend from high school. See you soon, Bieber.

I studied it for awhile, trying to comprehend who and what gender he meant by an old friend. This is why I hated Ryan at times, he was never specific and this bugged me to death. 

I swiftly texted back, my thumbs swiping against the keyboard like a pro. I replied back with the simple 'k' and the question I knew I was dying to know, who else was he bringing?

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