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It was lunch break when my friends and I decided to go at the field. We were done eating but we still have a lot of time to spend. We sat on the bleachers and I immediately took out my pencils and my drawing pad. I'm not in the mood to paint so I guess I'll just draw for today.

I was ready to sketch but then I have no idea what to do. I sighed and pouted while I think of something. I tapped the pencil on my pad repeatedly. "Yah! Stop doing that! It's annoying." Gahyeon said with a frown on her face. I rolled my eyes at her and started to think once again.

A familiar face popped into my head and my heart thumped. Why would I think of him at times like this? I bit my lip and looked at the blank sheet of my drawing pad. I held the pencil properly and started drawing lines on the paper. I was focused on drawing the outline of his face, and then the hair. I imagine it to be soft just like its color so I drew it lightly. And then the neck followed by his broad shoulders. I suddenly remembered how I clung into his neck and his shoulder last week.

I closed my eyes shut and inhaled deeply. I opened them and looked at my plain drawing. I'm not planning to draw any further. I ain't gonna draw those eyes, and nose. His lips that looked so kissable when I stared at it. If I do that then I'm falling for his trap. But then again I still tried to draw him. Isn't that already falling for his traps? His charms? I shook my thoughts away and put the drawing pad in my bag instead.

"You done already?" Hyeri eyed me with a confused look on her face. I nodded. "I'm not in the mood to draw." I said and she raised her brows at me and laughed lightly. I frowned at her and she smiled.

"That's new. I didn't know you also have those days that you're not in the mood." She shrugged and focused on her notes. Well, after that night I can't almost focus on everything I do. I don't know why I was so affected in just a single dance. Was it the way he looked at me? Was it his intense stares that almost had me shook? The sound of his deep and raspy voice that sent shivers down my spine? Or was it just the way he held me that night?

I tried to shake the thoughts away. I sighed one more time and it caused Hyeri to look at me weirdly. I pouted at her and she shook her head. She and Gahyeon are doing their school works. I just watched them, almost bored. "Don't you have anything to do besides dazing off and sighing all day?" Hyeri asked without glancing at me.

"I'm done with all my home works and I'm not dazing off." I crossed my arms over my chest and stared at the field blankly. "You're staring out of nowhere right now. Isn't that dazing off?" Gahyeon was the one who spoke.

"Shut up." I mumbled and continued looking at the field with a few people. "Are you sure you're done with all your works?" Hyeri asked again. I glanced at her and nodded. "Of course it was supposed to be done at home anyway." I said blankly.

"Tch, miss good girl strikes again. Of course she'd be done with school works already or else she's dead." Gahyeon sarcastically said. She meant my dad would kill me if I don't finish all of my school works in time. I can't get out of the house if I have one homework that's undone. That's part of dad's rules that I obey all the time. I'm not complaining though. It's better that I focus on my studies.

The school gates suddenly opened and a car drove inside. I watched it as it parked with the other cars. The school has a visitor? Or is it a staff? The car door opened revealing two guys who used to study here. I squinted my eyes and tried to look at them better. Ong Seongwoo? Why is he here? My eyes widened when I saw the one who came out from the driver's seat. What the heck is Kang Daniel doing here?

He looked around and immediately found my eyes. I gulped as I watched him smirk from afar. He's far from me yet he gives me this kind of feeling I can't even understand. I tore my gaze away and looked at my friends. My eyes catching a glimpse and hearing some girls talking and whispering about the guys who just came. Of course they'd be known here.

I should stop acting like I'm affected by that guy. So what if he looks at me like that? And I shouldn't give a damn if he keeps smiling at me. That boy is known as a player anyway. Well, he doesn't just play. I saw him have girlfriends so I guess he doesn't count as a playboy or something. But I don't care, with those looks and attitude I'm sure he already broke a lot of girls' hearts.

I saw Hyeri looking at their way so I took a glance. They were heading inside the building. "I see they're here again." Hyeri said while nodding. She then closed her notes and placed it in her bag. A smile of satisfaction on her face because she's finally done. "What do you mean 'again'?" I furrowed my eyebrows as I look at her. She stared back at me.

"What? You didn't know?" She asked confusedly as if it was a surprise. "Didn't know what?" I asked back.

"Those three kept coming here since last week. I don't know, maybe they have something to do here?" She shrugged her shoulders and looked at her watch. "Why?" I scrunch up my nose with that question. They looked at me weirdly. I didn't mind their questioning looks.

"Are you two done now?" I looked at my watch and saw that that it's about time we head back inside. "Hyeri is but I'm not. Well, I'll just do it later." She shrugged and stood up. She didn't even hid the notes on her bag. We walked back inside and they made their way to their classes. I turned around the corner and suddenly bumped into someone.

"Ow." I mumbled and rubbed my forehead lightly. "I'm sorry." I looked up to see Kang Daniel looking down at me. "No, I'm sorry I wasn't looking." He has worried expression in his face. "Are you okay?" He asked and glanced at my forehead I'm rubbing.

"Y-yeah, I'm okay." I smiled and nodded. "Good then, I'll walk you back to your room." My eyes widened as I stared at him dumbfounded. "Huh?" Was all I could say. He chuckled and smiled. He just shrugged and continued walking. I trailed behind him wondering why knows where to go. Yes, he's familiar around here but he doesn't even know where my next class is. How the hell did he know where to go?

He stopped in front of my classroom. There's only a few people inside. I stared at him, brows furrowed. "How did you—?" I didn't finish my question and just looked at him. "Lucky guess." He shrugged and gestured the room. I nodded at him.

"Thanks." I mumbled and made my way to the door. "Wait, Saeron." He said before I could even go inside. I looked at him confusedly. "I forgot to get your number." He smiled and took his phone out from his pocket. What? "Your number." He said again when I didn't realized that I said that question out loud. I stared at his phone in his hands and bit my lip.

"It's okay, I just want to get your number." I nodded and took his phone from his hand. He grinned at me while I typed my number in his phone. I offered it back when I was done. "Thanks." He said and typed something before returning his phone back to his pocket.

"I should go now, we'll meet again." He smirked and waved at me. I watched him leave still confused. I gave him my number. That's not an issue right? It's just a number, so what? I inhaled deeply and walked back to my room. The few students in the class stared at me, some are whispering. Did they see Kang Daniel? I raised my brows at them and they instantly looked away. I rolled my eyes and went to my seat.

I placed my hand over my chest and shut my eyes tightly.

Calm down.


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