From The Beginning

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I crinkled my nose in an effort to show them the last thing I wanted to do was meet their best friend, but the way their smiles were still noticeable on their faces made me realize my subtle approach was not working with their small minds. You'd think knowing them for half my life now that they'd understand me, but in reality I was still a goddamn mystery to them, as they were to me. 

I hadn't seen them in awhile since they went to a different University than me. I wasn't expecting them to follow me to Ryerson University that was located in Toronto, nor did I think I was going to see them so soon. We had all gone our separate ways when it was time to graduate at Stratford Secondary School, but here I was still standing in front of the doofuses that I met almost seventeen years ago, not that I could complain, they were a hoot when they wanted to be. 

I was surely surprised when they called me up and asked if I were interested in taking a visit to Atlanta so we could see each other again. Being me, I should've suspected that they would leave some tiny little detail out. This little detail was not so little, in fact, I was now notified that I'd be flying out to the Bahamas with them so I could meet their best friend, Justin Bieber, that is if I agree.

Of course I had seen Justin in high school, quite often actually. But I never spoke to him, and I wasn't planning on it too. From the way he stormed around the halls like he owned the place made me circle my way around him at all times. To him, I was probably just an ugly grade ten with glasses on the bridge of her nose and slicked back brown hair. I must've changed a lot since grade twelve because Chaz and Ryan let out a loud whistle when I entered their house. I now had dark blue eyes that weren't shielded by Glass's and long brown hair that stopped mid waist and I now cared about my appearance, which is a good thing. I didn't think I was outrageously gorgeous, but I knew I wasn't ugly.

“Hello?” Chaz's voice exaggerated the o's and I snapped from my inner thoughts to reality.

“Oh, um, sorry..” I laughed awkwardly, dropping my bags on the hardwood floors of their living room.

 “Well, what do you say, Parv?” Ryan said with a goofy smirk.

I sighed, his nickname for me bringing back old memories from high school. My name is Parvati, a name that you won't ever see in a yearbook again, but blame my parents due to their big range of imagination with names. I itched my arm and brought my thoughts back to what mattered, if I should go or hop on the next plane back to Toronto. I clamped my teeth down on my bottom lip and released another penetrating sigh.

“Fine.” I said, heaving in a breath.

Their hollering caught me off guard but I quickly shushed them arrogantly.

“We need to set a few rules, boys!” I blatantly said through narrowed eyes.

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