30 Day Boyfriend

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I couldn't believe my eyes and I had to take a double glance, though I regret it thoroughly after I recognized a small petite body that was tucked near his muscular one. I looked at his bare chest and body that sprawled out and I looked at the clock like it were a reflex. When I realized it had read 11:59 P.M, my mind immediately thought one thing—he had lost the bet, and I had also lost all feelings that I had racked up in the thirty day period we shared together. Correction, the twenty nine days we shared together because that neanderthal of a man couldn't even bare with me for thirty. So if he couldn't, who would? No man, I presumed. 

You're probably wondering what I'm talking about, well, it all started a month ago, when I had agreed to at least meet Chaz Somers and Ryan Butler's best friend, also known as the teen pop sensation, Justin Drew Bieber.

(Not my story)

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