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Six Months Later

Harry is walking around the small village. He passes his people and gives them warm smiles and greetings. He loves coming down to the market and socializing. It is this reason everyone thinks he will be a good king.

He buys treats for himself and a couple things for his servants. He is a very kind hearted man and he treats everyone with respect.

He is looking at some jewelry for his mother when a young girl runs into him. He looks down and is met with a pair of big blue eyes.

"Daisy! You can not run off," Harry hears a high voice say. It is a mans voice, but it has a feminine tone to it.

"I am so sorry. Children are - Oh. Your majesty," the man bows and Harry can feel his cheeks flush. The man is short and has a curvy frame. His hair is a beautiful color of carmel brown and is messy in just the right way.

He boy stands up again and Harry is met with sparkling blue eyes. They are much like the younger girls, but Harry likes his more.

"It is fine. I know children can be hectic," Harry tells the shorter boy. The shorter boy gives him a cute little smile and a small nod before he grabs the girl and leaves.

Harry watches as he goes - completely forgetting about the jewelry for his mother. He sees the boy go behind a booth that contains dresses of all types.

There are other girls at the table and they all seem to be related to the pretty boy with blue eyes. Harry unconsciously walks over to their table. He scans the beautiful dresses and his fingers run over the smooth fabric.

"Do you make these?" he asks the boy behind the booth. He notices all the girls have bowed and the boy is sitting up straighter.

"No, sir. My mother makes them. I come here to sell them for her," he replies. Harry frowns at the word sir. He hates when people treat him differently because of his royal status.

"They are very beautiful," Harry tells him honestly. His eyes land on a soft blue one and he pulls it up to examine it.

"How much are they?" He asks and he looks over to see the boy looking at him shocked.

"You want one? For you it can be free. Consider it a present from the Tomlinson's," he tells him. Harry frowns at the boy and shakes his head.

"No no. I will buy it. How much?" he asks again.

"It is only one silver coin," a small girl tells him. She looks to be the middle child and Harry gives her a small smile.

"Thank you. I will give you three for it," Harry tells them. He passes the young girl - Daisy - the three coins and smiles at the Tomlinson's.

"Are you giving it to a princess?" the young girl asks and Harry chuckles.

"No. I think I will give it to my mother. She loves dresses," Harry tells her. She beams at him.

"My mother loves them too. It is why she makes them," she tells him and Harry kneels down so he can talk to her easier.

"You tell your mother she makes beautiful dresses, okay, Princess?" Harry asks and he watches as the little girl blushes.

"I will," she whispers and another girl - identical in likeness - pops out from behind the booth.

"Prince Harry? Can I be a princess too?" she asks shyly.

"Phoebe, come back here," the boy whisper shouts, but she looks at Harry with wide, innocent eyes.

"Of course you can. You can all be princesses," he tells them and he watches as all the girls blush and giggle.

Harry smiles and looks up to see the boy looking at him happily.

"Thank you, Prince Harry. You have just made their day," he tells him and Harry feels warm on the inside.

"It is not a problem. What is your name?" Harry asks and the young boys sticks his hand out formally.

"I am Louis. Louis Tomlinson," he says and Harry takes his hand gratefully, enjoying the feeling of Louis' small hand in his own.

"Well it was nice to meet you, Louis. It was also nice to meet all you ladies. I hope to see you again," Harry tells them and it is true. He really hopes to see Louis Tomlinson again.

Something about his blue eyes and tan skin captivates Harry. It makes the prince feel things he should not feel, but he does any way.


"This dress is beautiful, Harold. Where did you say you got it?" his mother asks. She has the dress on and the color looks beautiful on her.

"At the market. This small family sells them," Harry tells her. She continues to examine herself in the mirror. She plays with the small ruffles and finally turns to her son.

"What is their names? I want this woman to make all my dresses," his mother tells him. Harry can feel excitement build inside him.

"Tomlinson. I do not know her first name. Would they live in the castle, mother?" Harry asks cautiously.

His mother struts over to her desk and sips at her tea elegantly.

"Of course they would. I cannot have anyone else having the same dress as me," she tells her son like it is the most obvious thing in the world.

Harry nods and leaves her room. Once he is out he smiles and thinks about the small, happy family living so close. He could talk to the younger girls and play games with them.

He could talk to Louis. He really wants to talk to Louis. He wants to sit with Louis and read books with him. He just really wants Louis.

And he is the prince, so what he wants he gets.

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