Chapter 15

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Ainsley's POV

Spending the last week with Tyler was great. We went to malls, paintball, the beach even laser tag.

It was Saturday and I was supposed to go to Vivian's house tonight. I was grabbing a bag and stuffing clothes inside of it when Tyler walked in.

" your seriously going on our last night of summer together?"

I laughed, " Yes, I am. Sorry." I pecked him on the lips.

I turned back around and started putting stuff in again, I felt two arms wrap around my waist.

" Tyler I don't have time."

He started kissing up and down my neck, ugh he will be the death of me.

" Tyler. Seriously."

He grunted and walked to the door, " I'll be in the shower."

I chuckled, he should have fun by himself tonight.


A couple hours later when I got to Vivian's it was already 7 , let's just say Tyler caught me before I left, and we got a little distracted..

Anyways, I was here now.

I went to the door and just walked in, no needing to knock since I was close with Vivian's mom. Vivian's dad well... Passed.

I walked up to Vivian's room, " Oohhhh Vivian!!!!!"

She laughed, " Ainsley! I missed you!"

We hugged, " We'll, movie first?"

She shook her head quickly, " Of course!"

We went back downstairs and watched Frozen(Not actually on DVD yet I don't think..) the best movie ever.

When it was over we went to her room, Vivian's mom was gone for the night at her sister's.

Vivian smirked, " Sooo... You and Tyler?"

" Were good"

" He try anything yet?"

I shrugged, " Twice but I stopped him both times."

She nodded her head, " Smart move."


" So when are you gonna let him in your pants?"

I scoffed, " Way to be blunt about it, and I guess when I truly know he loves me."

" I agree," she bit her lip, "but, I don't think you should be with him. He's not good for you... I mean he goes for walking one night stands. Why would he switch to sweet innocent girls like you?"

I shrugged, " How would I know."

She shook her head, "I don't know Ainsley... I think it'd be best if you didn't see him.."

I stood up, " Sorry Vivi, but you're not my mom-"

She interrupted me, " And what if your mom knew.."

I scoffed, " It wouldn't matter, she would be happy that I'm out, actually socializing."

" I just don't know Ainsley, it doesn't sound good.."

Is stared at her intently, " Why do you care so much about..?"

She shrugged, " I don't know.."

" Vivian you must know I mean come on you wouldn't make this big of a deal out of noth-"

" It's because I've liked him longer and I'm prettier and I'm more fun and I should be with him!"

I was startled by her out burst.p, " Vivian what the hell.."

" I'm sorry Ainsley, but it's true. You're way under his league. I would better fit it."

I flipped her off, " Whatever bitch."

I got up and left. I walked out of her room and drove home.

When I pulled up I guess Tyler heard my door because he was walking down the stairs, " Ainsley? What happened?"

I put my head on his shoulder and cried. Vivian was my best friend, I didn't think I could lose her.

"Ainsley, what happened.."

I told him the whole story.

" Is she no longer your friend then?"

I shook my head no, " I can't be friends with someone who is fully against my love life."

He chuckled, "Love life?"

My cheeks were on fire, " I mean- Um. "

He shut me up by kissing me, " I would give up any friend to be with you."

I smiled and hugged him. We went up to his room and went to sleep like all the other nights together, in each others arms.


Authors note:


I typed this on an iPad. Your welcome.

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