It's Been a While

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Hey guys this isn't a chapter, I'm sorry I never put up a chapter to the story yet I completely forgot about the story all in all. But I'm going to try and get a chapter in soon I swear. Well I got to go write the first chapter bye.' I typed on Mattdab, but that aside. Hi I'm Tyler Fisher, I live in one of the shittiest town in Chicago. I go to Murphy High School which is a school full of dumbass homophobic people, the only reason I'm still alive is because my friends Jordan(a.k.a. J-Dog) Smith, Sierra Smith, Dan Philips, and Kayla Jensen. These four people helped me through thick and thin, and I did the same for them. But only two of my friends knows that I'm gay, Dan Philips and Kayla Jensen. They are what I consider best friends. We are all-except Sierra-are in one of the most dangerous gangs out there, the Veins. We destroy shit, steal, and if needed kill.

I looked over at the time, holy shit 7:52 I'm going to be late. I grabbed my stuff and got out on the sidewalk and ran all the way to school. When I got there someone saw me and looked at me weird "Got a problem or do you always like staring at high school students like you want them at night." "No, I'm looking at you weird because school was delayed by two hours today." "Oh" "And I would never stoop so low to where I would even think about another person naked, let alone a man." I looked at him with the most threatening face I could muster "Say it again, this time to my face" he looked me in the eyes "Faggots(sorry for using the f word I hate it, but I'm trying to make the story a bit realistic. Meaning I'm going to have to step out my comfort boundaries and call myself the devil's creation and shit.) are a creation of the devil" I lost control after he said that and beat the ever loving shit out of him. I turned and saw Kayla walk by. "Justin what the fuck are you doing?!" I stopped punching him because I noticed that I punched him so hard his head caused a crack in the concrete. "Well he called gay people faggots and the creation of the devil."

She looked at him and stomped on his balls so hard you could here them bust. "How fucking dare you!!!" She did it again, but this time with more force "don't you ever do that shit again!" He nodded his head and lied there on the ground. We walked in the school and saw Sierra and J-Dog were already here.

Sierra ran up to me with a big hug. I hugged her back, she and I are always around each other and I completely trust her. The reason I haven't told her I'm gay you may ask, well because I think she has a crush on me and I don't want to break her fragile heart. "Hey, Justin!" She yelled excitedly. "Hey, Sierra. Ready to go watch 13 Reasons Why?" I asked her.

She grabbed me by the hand and dragged me to the library, not literally but you know what I meant. We entered through the library doors and sat at a computer. "Oh shit, I forgot what episode we we're on" we looked at each other "I was hoping you remembered." "It shouldn't matter, that shit's for pussies anyway" we heard J-Dog's voice from the entrance of the library.

Sierra turned to face her brother "brother maybe if you actually watched it or read the book then maybe you wouldn't say that about it."J-Dog smirked "yeah whatever, I just came to make sure you two weren't kissing" "J-Dog you know I would never do that to you, besides remember what I saved her from?" "How could I not"

Flashback (Sierra's View Point)

I was walking home alone because my brother got himself sick. That's when I saw Brad, I always hated Brad he cheated on my friend for some whore and he's a man whore himself as well. "Hey there gorgeous, is it hot out here or is it just the way the sun's rays shines in your beautiful green eyes" "fuck off creep" he suddenly grabbed me and pinned me to a wall. He looked me up and down and stopped at my boobs. "Pervert!" I slapped him across his face so hard he started to bleed "biggest mistake of your life cunt" he grabbed me by my throat and lifted me up making me gasp for air. "Now you listen here bitch and you listen good, I'm going to turn you into my personal cum dumpster. I'll do it right fucking here if I have to." He dropped me and undid his jeans.

Just as he was about to take them off, somebody came and punched him so hard he fell with that single punch. I decided to call Jayden for once "Jayden come quick I'm at the alley between the deli and the barber shop" I heard him drop the phone immediately. I looked up and saw the guy who saved me holding out his hand, I took his hand and he lifted me up like it was nothing. He was beautiful too, with his short black hair and those green eyes of his were amazing. I knew right then and there he was the one for me.

"Sis you okay?!" I turned and looked at my brother whom was obviously ready to kill someone. "Yeah I'm fine, this guy saved me." I gestured to my knight in ripped jeans and a My Chemical Romance t-shirt "who the fuck are you?" "I'm Tyler Fisher, and you are?" "Jayden Smith also know as J-Dog." While those two were talking I was more focused on this Tyler guy, I looked him up and down. He is ripped, I saw his pecks through his shirt, same with his abs, his shoulders looked like they were going to pop out of his shirt. I was snapped out my trance from the sound of lots of footsteps walking towards us. "Come on we need to go" I said knowing what's about to happen "why?" I looked over at my brother and notices he was calling his gang and putting on his jacket for the Veins. I look over and see the Blue Street Boys come around the corner "oh look it's J-Dog, mind telling us what your doing on OUR turf" one of the blue dressed people said, my brother's gang showed up as if right on cue (it's because it was on cue, the powers of an author are amazing).

End of flash back because I'm to lazy to write a fight scene, also keep in mind that I have been working on this one chapter for almost a month. Like July 2 will be a month. (Tyler's View Point)

"Yeah it's been a while since that happened so let's focus on now" I stated. I scrolled through the episodes and saw that they all were fully watched "oh we weren't on any episodes I guess" Sierra looked at the screen and face palmed. I looked over to J-Dog and saw him laughing. We decided to scroll and look for a movie to watch until school starts. We looked at one called 'Cool Running's' (I don't remember if that's how it's spelled but it's about the first Olympic Jamaican bobsled team) and decided to watch it. After the movie the bell rang and we went to class, on the way I saw...him. He's do perfect, and those gorgeous blue eyes.

1,305 words holy shit I wrote more than I usually do, also I have question did I trick you at the beginning? Of I did comment #pridemonth. Some of you are probably wondering why I didn't have this chapter up sooner. Well that's because I'm lazy, was busy being a piece of shit, and becoming a freshman in highschool. Alright so I have to go and and celebrate the last few days of pride month, bye everyone.

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