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"Can't let these motherfuckers faze me, never let that money change me"


My feet wander around the office building, not knowing what to do with myself.  I am extremely bored, considering I was not able to give Allison a ride this morning, as my day started at five in the morning.  She did not need to be up so early.

It is nearly eight-thirty now, so she should be arriving fairly soon.  I pace towards the window, watching the parking lot.  Many of my employees scramble inside, many papers and folders in their hands.  It has been a busy last couple of days here, so most of the not as experienced workers were frazzled. 

Not to mention I may have scared the shit out of them in the meeting this morning.  Sales were amazing, as usual, but I didn't tell them that. I need every worker to be on their toes, ready for any issues to arise.  If I was to tell them that sales were great, they would all slack off.  The only people who truly new of our success was employees on my floor, and of course, Mike.

Mike has recently educated each building on his new found love for methamphetamine - more specifically, crystal. We mainly stick with cocaine, heroine, crack, ecstasy, ones that were very easy to ship in. Meth was challenging, very few made actual good quality shit. Usually it was cooked up in a loser's basement, but here, we only sold top of the line, life-ruining substances.

Black money was constantly rolling in, no one becoming aware of Mike's company's ordeal. It was risky, but he's pulled it off for twenty years already, nothing was stopping him.

The large boxes were strapped tight against the black rollers, the workers carrying them into the large black trucks. It was our first sale of meth, hopefully there was more to come, because that shit was fucking expensive, and addictive.

Mike has been surprisingly calm, lately. Usually he always had a stick up his ass, complaining about how no one did any work except him - and me, of course. He loved me, I am his prized pupil. And I deserve to be, I work my ass off for this company, nothing was ever out of line when I had my eye on it.

My mind almost seems to shut off as my eyes trail a pretty white Mercedes turn into the parking lot. The all black rims roll against the hot summer concrete, almost creating a white smoke as she drives in at a fast pace. I smirk.

I stalk away from the window, strolling casually through the corridors. Workers nod in my direction, only to receive nothing in return. There are only three workers I ever greet. Adrian, Alisa, and of course, Allison. The triple A's.

A thought pops into my head, I quickly change my direction, almost forgetting who I want to speak with. I found my breathing already deepen as I reached Logan's office, my face turning emotionless and my hand curling into a fist. The moment I step into his doorway, his head snaps up. He sends me a grin, which I do not return. My teeth grind together, he was already bothering me.

"Justin, what a pleasure to see your happy face so early in the morning."

"Shut up," I grumble, entering the office without an invite. I sulk around the room. I glance at every corner, every document, attempting to find anything out of place.

Logan clears his throat. "What may I do the honour?" He was attempting to get to the point, but I was having too much fun going through his things. My hand reaches forward, grasping the purple stress ball he had laying on top of a few stray papers. I squeeze it a bit too hard, watching the soft plush ooze out of the rubber coating. Whoops.

"My bad," I smirk, tossing the remains onto the floor.

He frowns, but it vanishes once he stares up at me again. "How was your conversation with Jacob, yesterday?" His chocolate brown eyes were taunting, as his tongue darts out to lick his thin lips.

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