Chapter 9 Eugene

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After a feel minutes in silence I asked," Do you want to stay here or come with me? For your information, I am with the SkyCorp. " His eyes widen." I will stay with mama any day. " I smiled.

" Good let's go. " I kick open the window.

" Remember how I use to play with you? " I gave him the smile of an angel before kicking the 1. 6m boy out of the window before jumping out myself.

As expected, Air landed in the safe arms of someone. She expected either Red or Kai to catch him but certainly didn't expect her ex-husband to.

"Chanceless was it? Do you mind me asking why you threw my son out of a window from the 3rd story?" Eugene glared coldly with a false smile.

"Technically, I kicked him out of the window." She paused, "And he was the one who wanted to come with me."

Eugene stared at our son as he ask, " May I inquire why?"

Air was hesitating to answer while she look with him with an expression, 'don't you dare tell'.

The little Princess look around and saw Red, Ruby and Kai on top of a tree with their finger to their lip while Eugene interrogated his son.

" Since you married that bitch I don't see you as my father anymore." Air mumbled as he jump out of Eugene hold.

" There is your reason- Eugene?" She question as Eugene froze and stared blankly at something in front of him.

He then smirked, "I see now"

"You see what?"



"I don't see any duck..."

Eugene rolled his eyes and pushed her down, not a second later, a huge explosion happen. Causing thousands, million of debris to fly all over.

Everyone eyes except for Eugene widen. The position their princess and the head of WOF was very suggestive other than the age gap.

His hands surrounded her, one of his leg was in between her leg and their shirt was partially torn.

Eugene look up and stood up, brushing off the debris in the process.


"I am immortal, I cannot be harm by everything and everything avoids harming me."

"That's not what I meant!"

"Hn?" Eugene stared before answering, " If I can't protect a little girl how can I protect my family. Besides, I am not that cruel to let a little girl die, on the enemy side or not."
A memory flash pass her mind.
"If I can't protect a beautiful girl like you how can I protect my future family?"

"And ? What is that suppose to do with me?"

"Depends, are you going to be that beautiful girl who bear my future family?"

I grinned as Eugene said, "I will take that as a yes my beautiful wife. "

Eugene lifted their princess off the ground and help her balance before walking away.

"Consider this a tie but next time we see each other, no mercy. "

"Air, you are free to go with her. I won't stop you ." He left just like that.

"Smooth ~" Red grinned.
"Oi-!" Kai snapped before looking back at his princess "Princess?" A Blush form on her face as she murmured something incomprehensible before smiling.

"He never change." Air heard what his mother said and only stared.


"Report back to Lullaby. Mission 444 failed due to disruption by another." Princess smiled as she and the rest ran back to their guardians.

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