Part 73*

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Shravan woke up in the morning with a smile on his face. Over the past few weeks, his dreams were becoming a reality and he couldn't help but smile to this. During the day times, he was busying admiring the love of his life. And in the night times, he had blissful dreams of their future together.

He got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Today he was going to demand answers. Answers from his so called mother. Answers from the women he spend 10 years missing, and now that she was found, he still didn't have her. 

It hurt Shravan. In fact hurt was an understand. It killed Shravan to see Nirmala care for Aditya when she should be caring for him. It hurt him to see her support a man who tried to steal all his happiness away. A man who tried to steal his Sumo away from him. 

But it was the limit now. He no longer wished to hold onto a false hope that Nirmala would be his. He had lost her 10 years ago and she was still lost. 

She had replaced him easily while he himself was never able to fill her position with anyone else in his life. Yeah, Chachi always tired to be a mother to him, but never had she taken that position in his life. But Nirmala, easily gave it away. She easily made Aditya her world and forgot about him. Still, to this date. 

And if these weren't the matters, if all of this was a misunderstanding, Shravan would be thankful for it. But he knew that this wasn't the truth. The truth was that Nirmala went to meet Aditya. Again. And that she his it from him. Again 

After getting ready, Shravan headed out to Sumo's room to find her also getting ready and taking her bag. 

Shravan: Jaan, are you going somewhere??

Sumo: (turning around) Shravan! Uh....yeah actually I had to go to PCT for some work.

Shravan: I thought were discussed that you won't be working until the wedding is over.

Sumo: Yes Shravan, (coming closer to him) The thing is that I have huge order for some wedding that's going to be held in Udaipur. The groom demanded that the food only be served from the finest of catering services and as you know, PCT is the best. 

Shravan: The groom also told Preeta to be in charge. 

Sumo: Come on Shravan!! (pouting) You have handled all of the preparations for the wedding. Let me do something at least! And you know I love food! So let me manage to food!! 

Shravan: Fine!! 

Sumo: Ok, then I'll see to in a couple of hours! 

Shravan: No, I'll drop you. 

Sumo: Nope! I have my own car Mr. Malhotra! And I really want to drive.

Shravan: But I am going out too! I can drop you.

Sumo: Where are you going? 

Shravan: Home. 

Sumo: Home? 

Shravan: I need to talk to Ma. 

Sumo: Ok fine, then I'll go to PCT some other time, I'll come with you. 

Shravan: No Sumo, I want to go alone. 

Sumo: But------

Shravan: I need to do this myself Sumo. I need to finish this once and for all. I need to give you my entire heart, if you don't have it already. 

Sumo: i have your entire heart Shravan. You can go by yourself if you want. But know one thing. That this annoying Sumo will always be here for you. I left you once but I won't do it again.

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