chapter 16

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Sophies pov
When they got there she felt her heart beat race. Was she really ready to become an adult? She looked back but remebered that they had leapt. Sophie felt like she could run. Her hands became sweaty and she felt Fitz turn to her.

"Are you okay?" his accented voice echoed around them and she looked at him. She dropped his hand, and wiped her sweaty hands on her pants

"I am okay, i am just a little nervous. It's just a huge step."

"Are you ready to take it?"

"I think I am." she looked in front of her and their huge house. As she was going to take a step towards the house Fitz stopped her. Their eyes locked and he took a giant step forwards. He smiled at her and she looked at him.

"Are you sure you want to take a giant step?" he asked and his smile turned more into a smirk.

"Well," she stood there a few minutes before taking a huge step forwards.

"Since you are moving in I have one question for you." He got down on one knee.

"Can I interrupt you? Well I just did, I don't know why I did that. Continue." he had a small chuckle.

"Why must you make everything difficult?"

"Is that your question because normally people just stand to say that."

"That was not my question, my question was will you marry me? But you know why not ruin a perfect moment."

"Well I do ruin a bunch of perfect moments, and do you even call that a perfect moment? Anyways yes I will marry you." he got up off of his knee and hugged her. She hugged back, and when they were finished hugging they went to walk towards their house.

"Awe." came a voice from behind them. They looked back and didn't see anybody. Biana unvanished and had her hands placed over her heart. "You guys are so cute." She skipped over and wormed her way in between them. When she stopped she hooked her arms in with theres and started pulling them towards the house.

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