A New Place

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      *knock knock* entered our quiet apartment. "Coming" I shouted through the almost tight halls that lead to three good sized room. I was in my room putting up the load of laundry I just finished. As I sprinted to the door I herd once again *knock knock* as I peaked out of the peep whole in the door I saw a tall, probably 6.3ft. scrony man with a scruffy chin, and thick glasses that made his eyes look like green bowling balls. The man has a nose that made me giggle when I noticed it was one of those short stalky noses. He had big bushy eyebrows that scrunched up waiting on the door to great him with a warm welcome. Although he sounds scary and stalkerish his face held a characteristic that explained he was kind and trustworthy. He looked like a thin teddy bear that you could tell your life's story to and the scrony teddy bear like man would never tell a soul. The man held that kind of 'you can trust me' look.

      As I went to grab the cold metal handle that opened our apartment door, the probably late 30's looking man went to knock once more but slightly harder in hopes it would be slightly louder. I opened the door just in time for the teddy bear like man to knock right on my tan forehead. I screeched "ouch" as the man sincerely apologized for knocking on my forehead. I explained that it was fine, I told the man "when you have three brothers you get used to it..." He apologized once more before introducing himself to me.

      "I'm with a company looking for young teenagers to test a new product on. If you come with me I will explain the product a bit more. Here's my card" he explained while passing me the card that listed the information like the man's name, his number, and many other important facts. I questioned the man about the product once more before agreeing to going with the strange man " so what would I need to bring and when should I go? Would there be anything I should worry about the product?" The man answered me with "you need nothing but a few change in clothes, you can come with me to the company, and there should be no symptoms and nothing to be allergic to." I heard my mom's voice trail through my head whispering never talk to strangers! You could be kidnapped baby girl!' I remembered my mom's caring voice and her always watching over me. And do I ever miss my momma! Although, I wanted to listen to my mom's voice that trailed off throughout my head. I had a feeling that I should trust the man. So, I went with the man after I packed a few change of clothes and waited for Zion to through his clothes together to join me to leave.

       "And this is where you will stay during the test. I hope you like the room!" "Albert, would you mind coming to help in the kitchen!" I herd a loud scream come from the kitchen down stairs. The room I would be staying in was fair sized. It contained a queen size day bed in one corner and a mirror straight across joined by a dresser directly under the large mirror. The room had a theme of blue and green stripes.The walls were a mint color that popped when I  first saw it. I texted Jonathan explaining where I was and why, as I unpacked. We ended the conversation with an 'I love you' from both of us.

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