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Title : Paper Wishes (#1)

Author : spencerhoshino

Synopsis ;

There is a belief that with each origami star folded , a falling star is saved. After folding 365 stars while mourning the loss of her mother , Vilvian makes a wish that will change her life forever.

Enter Nox Bright - the handsome and mysterious guy who has been haunting Vilvian's dreams. She can barely believe it when he walks into her homeroom near the end of the school year. Has she gone crazy or is it possible that wishes really do come true?

[Unedited version. Edition version available on sale on Createspace and the Tapas app.]

Reads : 828,601 (828 k)

Votes : 27,576 (27.5k)

Why I recommend this story?

It's so unique and the plot is very cool! :)) One of the best novels here on Wattpad! 

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