Chapter 68

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"So the new DA is going after Bonnie for enzo death?" Stefan asked

"Yeah and Bonnie doesn't want me to fix this for her." Damon said

"You're too close to this damon. If the DA sees you getting involved it could put you away. Bonnie wouldn't want you in prison." Stefan retorted

"I'm not letting Bonnie go to prison neither for this. Yes i killed him and if i had the slightest chance to do it all over again...i would." Damon said

"Did you find Elena yet?" Stefan asked

"I received a letter from her saying she wasn't going to fight the divorce but it's not her i should be divorcing." Damon said

"What she mean by that?" Stefan asked

"I don't know but im just glad we both agree in our way that our relationship is better over for good this time. I'm in love with Bonnie even if she chosen to stay focus on Brighton and not us. I know she's in love with me too." Damon said

"I can't believe the new DA is looking into your history with enzo to arrest you for his death. We all saw him hanging from his home. You wouldn't be that proud." Caroline said

"Thanks for your confidence." Bonnie said

"I don't want you going to prison. Enzo was a psychopath who got what he deserved for all the hell he put you through." She continued

"I'm not going without a fight besides there's no solid evidence against me." Bonnie retorted

"I wouldn't gotten through my miscarriage without you." Caroline revealed

"You're my bestest friend." Bonnie said

Klaus entered the kitchen giving Caroline a kiss.

"Mommy." Stephanie called

"Sweetie put that down and let's go." Elena said picking up a newspaper with her picture on front.

Damon sent Bonnie a text about meeting him for dinner tonight. She looked at the text and smiled.

Damon and Stefan mother walked through the police station.

"Mrs Salvatore." Matt said

"It's Mrs District Attorney to you sheriff." She responded

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