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Y/N P.O.V:

His hand went down my body and stopped to my skirt, that's when I felt it go under the fabric rubbing my tights.

Tears rolled down my cheeks, I wanted him to touch me to be honest, it felt good. But trusting a demon was the last thing I would do.

I realized blood rolling down his red eyes making my eyes widen, 'Damn, he's horny' I thought.

"Jungkook stop...please" I begged between his passionate kiss. He slowly pulled his lips off mine not braking the eye contact.

"I'll do worse next time kitten." He bit his lips letting go of me and entering the bathroom slamming the door after him.

As his hands left my waist, my legs weakened on me making me fall. It's like if my legs were numb.

I crawled like a turtle to his bed, I felt like a 82 years old grandma. I was still freaked out from what all just happened.

I started slapping myself hoping I was dreaming, unfortunately, I wasn't. My lips were little bit swollen from the kiss, I couldn't help but just keep touching them remembering the scene.

"You liked it?" I heard a voice making me flinch. It was him finally wearing his clothes.

I stayed silent hugging my knees on his bed, he bended at my level and came closer to my face looking straight in my eyes innocently.

"Noona want's more?" He tilted his head to the side. I looked away when I felt a quick peck on my lips making me widen my eyes.

"Yah! Stop teasing! It's not funny!" I glared at him as he was chuckling. After some seconds of him laughing, silence came.

"Take this" He handed me two tissues making me frown.

"Why?" I asked confused.

"Your eye is bleeding" He smirked making me widen my eyes and quickly wipe the blood away, I can't believe he made me like this...

He walked towards me and sat next to me on the bed, he started staring at my red face as I was trying to get rid of the blood but ending up coloring all my face with it.

He chuckled shaking his head, he took the tissue of my hand and started wiping my blood away gently. It was awkward you can say?

"You are such a good acter, who thought you would turn out to be a demon" I mumbled making him stop and look at me straight in my eyes.

"Don't call me a that if you don't want me to do worse than earlier." He smiled.

"I'm so scared..." I rolled my eyes.

"Call me a 'Demon' and i'll make sure you'll be." He dared me, and because i'm a stubborn, stupid, dumb and with no brain hoe, I decided to tease him.

"Okay...Demon." I placed my hand on my mouth realizing what I just got myself into. In that very moment, Y/N knew, she fucked up.

"You looked for it kitten." He glared.

That's when he crawled on top of me bitting my neck and entering his sharp cupids in my neck making me scream in pain.

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