chapter 15

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(one week later) hey riles.hey maya um can i tell you something. Sure what is it. I been thrown up lately. Um what did u eat. Umm let me think. Ok take all the time you need. It ate nothing that was bad. Didn't farkle take u out to eat. Yea then we went to his place and we had sex. Umm riles did u use a condom. I think why oh no. After school were buying a pregnancy test. Ok i hope im not pregnant i dont know how to raise a Child. I know honey i hope not to. Lets get to class. (after school at the store) i would like a pregnancy test please. Here it would cost 4.50 ok thanks. (riles went in the bathroom took the pregnancy it was positive) danm it (starts to cry maya heres her) its true how will i tell farkle. I dont know u need tell ur parent's first. Ok thanks but can u be there to support me. Yes any time honey. Thanks peaches. No problem now lets go tell ur parent's. (at riles house) hey mom and dad. Bey sweetheart. Umm i have to tell u something u might kick me out here gose nothing. Tell us. Ok im pregnant and its farkle child. Really well ok im not mad at all arw u cory. No congrats honey did u tell farkle. Um no and thanks i was waiting to tell him sometime later when its a good time. Well u need to tell him. Hey riles can i tell u something. Um sure what's going on. Im pregnant and i dont know who rhe farther is. Omgs maya did you go to the club last night. Yess how am im supposed to tell shawn and my mom and how to find out who is the farther. Look i will be by ur side when u tell ur parent's like u did to me. Ok thanks but they will kick me out ugh im such a dumb child. Dont sag that peaches i made the sam mistake as u did and ur smart. Thanks ok im ready to tell my parent's now. (at maya's house) hey shawn and mom. hey baby girl. Look im pregnant and i know ur going to kick me out. Honey we know that ur pregnant. Huh. We found the pregnancy box in ur bathroom and were not mad nore kick u out. Thanks i dont know what to say. We gotta go bye. Bye riley and maya

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