Chapter 11

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He left Kathy laying on the sidewalk. He man and his son were walking down the walk and saw her. The 15 year son spotted her and pointed to her. He immediately took out his phone and called 911.

Her purse was lying next to her so the sin opened it to see who she was so he can tell the police. "Hey dad it says her name is Kathy Stabler.

"911, whats your emergency?"

"Hi im on the corner of 3rd street and 4th ave. A woman look almost dead here and her shirt is opened... I think she was raped."

"Okay sir stay with her make sure shes okay.. Any ID on her?"

"Yea her name is Kathy Stabler."

"KATHY STABLER?!" The dispatcher said knowing exactly who she was and what happened. The dispatcher called the svu squad and told that Kathy had been attacked.

Nick rushed down to Kathy's kids school in case they were in danger.

Cragan, Elliott, Liv,Fin and Amanda arrived on the scene. Nick called, he wasn't allowed to take the kids because the kids said they met him once. Elliot thought Olivia would ride with his wife so he left to go get his kids because he was scared for their safety.

"Sorry ma'm you'll have to meet us the hospital." The ambulance assist said to Olivia coldly.

"Im riding with her and theres nothing you can do about it"Olivia answered quickly and hard.

"Ma'm sorry.." He was cut off by Olivia now raising her voice. "Listen you son of a bitch i don't know who you are and i don't care to know but this is my partners wife,I've known her for years i god damn delivered her child im getting on the bus and i dont care what you say"olivia pushed the man out of the way and got on the bus.

Elliott arrived at the hospital and talked to his wife for a bit, then Olivia.

"Hey"Olivia said.

"Thanks Liv it really means a lot. I could hear you guys fighting in the ambulance"She chuckled.

"I don't mean to go from a good mood to a dark mood but the sooner the better for the rape kit" Olivia said to her best friends wife,something she hoped never to say.

"I know,whenever"

"Olivia? I need you to know something"

"Yea baby, what is it?"

"I really did try to fight him off"

I know you did, i know you did" Olivia said knowingly what she herself went through.

"Can you come in with me"Kathy asked already knowing the answer.

"Of course honey"


"This guy i swear when I find him I'm gonna kill him with my bare hands" Fin said meaningly.

"No thats way to easy, he needs to suffer"Munch said back to them.

"Cant kill him unless we find him first" their captain said agreeing on killing him painfully.

"The test came back, William Lewis did all of this. He's practically invisible. Jake Brett is William Lewis we've been played from day 1." Amanda said throwing the files down.

"Run his DNA see if he's got family.Munch said.

Olivia and Amanda were running the DNA.

"And we got a match." Amanda said happily. "Olivia? Please tell me this is a mistake"Amanda said pointing to the screen that showed a little brown haired and eye little girl with the name Paisley Benson flashing across with her mother right next to it.

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