Part 16~Sollux~"Karkles, calm down."

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~[E/C]= eye color~

______'s P.O.V.

"F-Fuck Sollux.." I groaned into his chest, relaxing myself. He chuckled. "Who 2aid you could re2t Honeybee? I'm 2till not 2ati2fied." He sat next to me and positioned me on my knees infront of him. "2uck me, ______." I scowled at him but he didn't feel intimidated. He just smirked. "I won't let you eat until you 2uck me." I grabbed both his bulges and started to play with one of them while I stroked the other. He grabbed my hair and pushed me away. "No, ______. Both." I scowled at him again but he still smirked. I took both of them and started to suck on the tips of them. Low growls and moans started to pour from the Gemini troll's mouth. I chuckled and started to lick the base of his bulges. A few more licks and kisses later he came all over the bed, himself, and me. He pulled my hair. making me come closer to him and kissed me. "Clean me up." I sighed and licked up the cum off of his stomach. To reward me, he pulled me close to him and kissed me for a few minuets. "You can go eat now." He stared into my [E/C] eyes for a bit before letting my hair go and going to the bathroom that was in my room. "Really Sollux?" I took the towel that was hanging on the end of the bed and wiped off. I put my clothes back on and went to the living room. "WHERE THE HELL IS THAT ASSHOLE?!?"



"He's in my room. Karkles, calm down." He growled and stomped angriliy through the hallway.

~Yeah. Lots of times he calls you Honeybee. Sollux: Cau2e they are my honeybee2 eheheheh.~

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