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To whoever reads this, I hope you listen better than I did.

Look around you, the world, the people. What's missing? It may take a second, but I trust if you've found this then you're smart; perhaps even too smart for your own good.

You're in danger, you all are. By the time you read this, it's too late—the process has started. It's too late for the ill, but maybe, just maybe, it isn't too late for you.

Remember, there are cameras everywhere. If they think you're onto them, you'll disappear, never to be seen from again. Get clever. After all, you're a criminal.

Once you see what's wrong, it'll be like dominos. It gets to the point where you need to look on the inside. There is something wrong with you too.

You're changing.

Don't eat the food. Don't drink the water. It'll make it worse. You only have two options: death or escape. Get caught and you'll wish you're dead.

I'm sorry I can't be more help; they're watching.

"Very funny," I muttered as I rolled my eyes at the crumpled note. "I'm too smart because I'm a klutz?" I made a face and kicked the loose cobblestone which I had just tripped over. It had to be someone's idea of a joke.

I put the note into my shorts pocket before looking around and smiling. The sun was high, the breeze smelled like the ocean and all was right.


Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed the prologue of Perfection. 

While I have your attention, I was just going to go over a quick need-to-know. Perfection is a collaboration between myself and squirrelg. We are each going to write as different characters (G will be writing as Ira, I will be writing as Linkin). Don't forget to tag her in the comments!

Together, we will be both telling this story which we both hope you will love! 

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