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"Breakfast, inmates!" A guard yelled, making Kevin jump out of his sleep, nearly shoving Mitch off of his chest. He relaxed and placed his hands on Mitch's back and rubbed him soothingly. He took the time to wake up himself and placed his lips to Mitch's nose, before licking it lightly. 

Mitch scrunched his nose up lightly and moved his hand that was near his face and rubbed the tip of his nose before getting comfortable again. 

"Come on, Olusola, breakfast!" A guard banged on the gate making Mitch jump and stand up from the bed a bit too fast, staggering on his balance before having to sit back on the bed. He rubbed his head and combed his hair with his fingers before yawning. 

"Let's go Mitch. We eat breakfast, come back here for a bit and then go to the courtyard." Kevin said as he stood up and placed an arm over Mitch's shoulders to lead him over to the open gate. The two walked out of the cell and Kevin lead them to the kitchen where they found a table and waited for Jeremy and Kirstie. 

The couple arrived soon after Kevin and Mitch sat down and Kirstie hurried over to sit down. 

"Hey Kirstie, how's prison life for you?" Mitch said, watching as Kevin stood up to walk to the line where the food was being served. Jeremy followed and the other two stayed at the table. 

"Eh, it's nothing special but it's better than I thought?" Kirstie wondered and placed her elbows on the table to rest her head in her hands. 

"Yea. The outfits could probably be better." Mitch shrugged and picked at his one piece jumper and pouted. He felt the uneven bench lower at the other end and saw Kevin place a tray of food in front of him. 

"It's no 5-star meal but it's better than expected." Kevin said and handed Mitch a fork. 

Mitch sighed and he took the fork, stabbing the lightly uncooked sausage links before sticking one in his mouth. He shrugged at the taste before continuing to eat, making small talk with Kirstie and Jeremy before he glanced up towards the doors, having to take a double take when he saw Scott walking through the door, police men behind him holding his arms together. 

He let out a small whimper and the cafeteria went quiet. Everyone averted their attention towards Scott and Kevin wrapped his arm around Mitch's waist and pulled him in protectively. Mitch placed his hand on Kevin's thigh and scooted closer into his hold and watched as Scott was pushed into the cafeteria, his hands undone from the cuffs and the cafeteria doors shut and locked. Mitch jumped at the noise and he felt Scott's eyes burning holes into the side of his head. 

"It's ok, they're watching us from every corner of this room. He's not going to make any stupid moves." Kevin reassured. 

Scott walked to a random table of muscular males and stared them in the eyes for a moment. "Small one, table in the middle of the cafeteria." He spoke quietly. 

"The girl?" One asked, barely looking at the table for a second. 

"No, the one across." 

"The scrawny male?" 

"Yep. Bring him to my cell right after the courtyard. Make sure the others aren't around him. F3" Scott sneered before he stood up and walked to the food line. 


Mitch held onto Kevin's hand tightly as they walked outside to the courtyard where weight sets of all kinds were sitting. Kevin walked to a small bench  with a propped back rest as well as two 45 weights at both sides. 

"I'm going to sit over there, did you want to be with him or did you want to try something out yourself?" Kevin asked as he walked to the bench and sat down against it. 

Mitch huffed and he straddled Kevin's hips and stared him in the eyes. "I have scrawny arms, I can't even lift up a five pound weight. I can run pretty fast though." 

"Alright. I have no problem with you sitting there." 

"I can feel it." Mitch giggled and he watched Kevin wrap his hands around the weights and lift them up, touching the two ends before dropping back down towards the ground, repeating the process. 

After a while of watching, Mitch let out a small yawn and he climbed off of Kevin's lap, looking around. "Is there a bathroom anywhere?" 

"Just inside. Go back to our cells and take a right down the far hall, there should be one over there." Kevin breathed out as he dropped the weights and sat up. "Do you want me to walk you?" 

"No, I'll be ok. I'll be back as soon as possible."  Mitch skipped towards the entrance back into the prison, having trouble pulling open the doors but ran inside once he shoved it open. He then paced his walk towards the cells, seeing the hallway Kevin was talking about a making a sharp turn, seeing the two men from the table exiting the bathroom. 

Mitch's breath hitched but he walked past the two to do his business. He kept glancing around him while he peed, hoping to be able to get back to Kevin as fast as possible. He then pulled his jumper back on and walked towards the sinks to wash his hands. Just as Mitch went to dry his hands, the lights cut off in the bathroom making Mitch's vision get taken from him. He darted his head around, patting his hands on his jumper to fully dry them before attempting to find the exit to the bathroom. 

Mitch kicked the door to the bathroom and went to push on the door, his wrist being grabbed by a familiar hand. He nearly screamed but another hand was placed over his mouth and he attempted to escape the hold, being manhandled onto the ground and pinned onto it by his wrists. He felt a hot mouth near his exposed neck and he whimpered, his body shaking as the familiar teeth bare near his sweet spot. 

Mitch gasped right as the teeth came in contact with his neck and dug into the skin as hard as possible. He whimpered and tears started rolling down his cheeks. Once the every presence disappeared and the lights came back on, Mitch stood up and placed a hand over his neck before slowly strolling out of the bathroom and towards his cell. 

The shaking boy stumbled into the open cell and sat on the bed, letting his emotions over come him as he started full on sobbing, curling up into a small ball on the rock hard bed. 


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