Chapter 2

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Tiana's POV.

I've never seen eyes like his before and truthfully I was amazed. I may have stared at him too long cause he let out a groan."You okay?" I said looking at his busted lip and bruised jaw."Sorry stupid question, obviously your not okay." I said shaking my head.

I stood up and gave him my hand to help him up.
Instead of being grateful for saving his life he just glared at my hand before helping himself up.

Um..rude much?

" thank you? Can I buy you ice cream? Marry you? Nothing?" I said looking at him.

His green and brown eyes connected with mine,"Move." He said pushing past me picking up his bag and his glasses.

I stood there dumbfounded.

Did he just?


And I just...


Hell nah.

"Look boy I don't know who the hell you think you talking too but I know it ain't me." I said with my hands on my waist.

He just looked down at me with a bored expression before walking away limping slightly.

"This little-" I turned around and stormed off following him.
"Hey! Hey! I'm talking to you!" I yelled after him eating a glare from a group of people.

"Oh choke on your pages." I said to them before pulling the guy's bag making him stop.

"I don't think you realize that I just helped your ass back there and your just being fucking rude!" I yelled at him.

He just glared at me,"nobody asked you to help, back the fuck off!" He yelled back walking off.

"Yeah, yell at the girl that helped you right? Where was that attitude when they were making you bleed!" He turned and looked at me once more before leaving the library.

"Fucking dumb ass nigga." I grumbled going back to my table only to see my book gone.
"What the-where is my book!?"

I looked over the library only to see some girl reading my book. I walked over to their table and snatched the book from her hands. "Hey!" She yelled standing her impressive height.

"Sit the fuck down tall-ups, I had this book first." I said holding it tightly to my chest.

"I didn't see you reading it so it's mine." She said folding her arms stepping closer to me.

"You ain't go see nothing in the next minute if you don't back the fuck up." I threatened.

She glared at me,"Aww what is the widdle purple haired midget going to do?" She mocked pouting at me like a child.

I looked at her and did the mature thing of walking away.


Nah she got a book across her face.

"OW!" She screamed falling to the ground.

I looked at the book cover,"Fuck you made of?" I walked off gathering my bag and placing back the book before waking out like I didn't do shit.

Who the fuck she think she is calling me a midget? So what if i'm 5'0? I'm mean as fuck and ain't afraid to beat the shit out you boy or girl.

"Tall-reaching-the-sky bitch using an offensive ass word as midget. Shit she must be mad her man dick smaller than a little person's dick." I grumbled to myself.

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